Books and blocks

I think I could flip through a new book or magazine every day, I never get tired of it.  It is like buying fabric, you never have enough!

The books DH gave me are full of inspiration, here are some pics:


Many fresh ideas for the Summer, with polka dots, birds, hearts, roses and bags:



For a very fine breakfast!



A romantic “tea and cake” in the garden:


Piece O’ Cake Designs have beautiful ideas for appliqué:



This one is so lovely:


And this one with leaves, it is beautiful! I love their color and fabric combinations.


For hand sewing some pretty ideas with hexagons:


A tea cozy and a place mat – look at the little red tea pot!


Pretty bags and pouches:



And a quilt: 


I hope you also feel inspired for new projects!

Now and then a little time spent in the sewing room, no idle hands! ;-))

I had so much fun making these blocks:


They are for a preemie quilt. I make them for donation, it is a little gesture to show the parents that other people care. The first time I delivered them at the hospital I met a young mother there, she had three babies, two boys and a girl. They were so tiny, so helpless, the tears came by just looking at them. The mother was surprised that a group of women thought and cared about them. Unfortunately, only the little baby girl survived. But they were thankful, later we saw a photo of the little baby girl, she was doing just fine. This is the wish with every quilt, may these babies survive and grow up healthy and have a normal life, may they play and laugh and be happy.

The first daffodil in our garden! Everything else is still dry, more green, please!



A new little bunny stitchery, just in time!


May you have a wonderful weekend, with a wonderful weather!

Wishing you a lovely, blessed Easter!



signature Suzie


Simone de Klerk said…
Some lovely lovely projects you are showing us. It really gives me a feeling of warmth and summer!
Love the bunny you got finished just in time!
Vrolijk Pasen!
Stephanie said…
Books and magazines are filled with inspiration. In the evenings I grab a stack and enjoy looking through them. What a darling little preemie quilt and such a wonderful gesture. I've made many charity quilts and have enjoyed making every one.
nicolette said…
Thanks for all the Spring, Summer and Easter inspiration! There are some wonderdul projects in the books and magazines!

Happy Easter Suzie!
Ulla said…
The problem with lovely books an magazines is that I would like to try so many of the ideas! Your preemie quilt looks cheerful, just what the family needs. This reminds me of the materials I have for preemie quilts, and the quilts I have made but not yet delivered. I must put them on a list!
Annette said…
Thanks for sharing the beautiful inspiring pictures. And your story inspired me as well. Happy Easter.
Deb said…
What gorgeous books. I am so like you Suzie, I could spend hours and many times do sitting in book shops just browsing. The Piece of Cake book is fabulous, they always have such inspiring stuff. Lovely your premmie quilt, it is so cute.
hugs Deb
Thanks for sharing the wonderful images from your new magazines/books - looks like your DH has exception taste!! Your premmie quilt is beautiful - and such a worthwhile cause.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter Suzie. So many pretty ideas in your books. I particularly liked the idea of taking a motif from a mug and making a matching napkin or basket. That would make a fun gift set for a friend.

Lovely baby quilt. That poor woman who lost 2 of her babies though. My heart really goes out to her. It is lovely what you are doing to help.
Cindy said…
All these photos make me think "spring and fresh" inspirational.

I'm really liking the Preemie Quilt, Suzie.
Sandi Butler said…
A lovely post, Suzie, I enjoyed it very much. It is wonderful that you are making quilts for preemie babies - a gift of love.
Annemariesquilt said…
Thank you for great inspiration, hmmm dots and more dots...
What very fun projects. I love to look through books and get ideas. I check them out of the library too.

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