Where’s the thread???

That’s a real problem for me, I get sidetracked and then… I simply loose the thread …and need some time to find it again…

I needed a push! And a straight off one!

Have you seen fabric covered canvas? Like the ones here?

I decided to try it. Just a little bit different.

I found a cute rabbit pattern from Nancy Halvorsen:


It took me about an hour and soon after it was hanging on the wall!!!

You would like to see the back? Well…Ok!


Not that “clean”, right? But for some weeks during Easter it is not that bad! And it is ALWAYS hanging on the right side! ;-)))

That brought me back to sewing and crafting, what should I ask for more??

These ones also belong to Easter and I had fun making them:


Then all of a sudden…

I realized that the Schinnibles project for this month is not ready yet!!!

I started cutting right away!


So, that’s all for now gals!

I have go get “Roundabout” sewn!

I’m “on the road” again and that makes me smile!

Have the most lovely week!


signature Suzie


Stephanie said…
Cute bunny. I can't believe Easter is right around the corner! I love your fabrics for your Schnibble. Looking forward to seeing the finish. Happy Stitching.
Simone de Klerk said…
I love your 'sidetracks' and this month's Schnibbles is lots of work. It is fun to do though!
nicolette said…
Nice to see so much sweet crafted stuff! Love those sheep!
Ulla said…
It is rewarding to get a project finished, so better start with a small one. Suddenly you notice that you are in the mood again. The bunny is cute but the sheep are really sweet. I hope your back allows you to work on the Schnibbles.
Stina said…
Cute cute!!!
Easter soon????!!!!! yikkess.. dont kno where time flies... and tell me about the Schnibble... it has to be finished too.. Good luck with yours and I will go upstairs and clean up some so i can start over!! See you... ;o)
Cindy said…
I see that "cherish nature" fabric for your Roundabout. Now I'm curious how it'll turn out in that fabric line. The reason i saw this is because I bought a layer cake of that fabric line for a project for DIL.

Oh - those sheep are too darling, Suzie. Love them so much!!!!!!!
Carole said…
This is beautiful ! It's nice to hear from you again ! The sheep is so sweet ! I love it.
Carrie P. said…
Cute little Easter projects. Your Schnibble quilt is going to be so pretty with the fabric you have chosen.
Annette said…
You fabric on canvas bunny is a great idea! Very cute.
Anne Ida said…
You have been a little busy bee lately ;o) So what if there isn't a red thread through what you do - there are plenty of the other colours! The bunny is so cute, and so are the little sheep. Hope you're enjoying piecing your Shnibble quilt - I look forward to seeing it all together!

Hugs and stitches from me

PS! Happy birthday!!! ...it's these days, isn't it?? *lol* A little pressie is in the mail...
Anonymous said…
Great that you have your craft mojo back Suzie darling. Long may it last.

The schnibbles are going to look great. Love the bunny!
Wendy said…
oh those sheep are adorable!! Is that your own pattern too?

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