Quilt Show

My friend and I took a little trip to a Quilt Show.

We stayed 3 days there and it was a very nice “quilt vacation” , we had fun, saw beautiful quilts and learned new things.

That’s how our trip started, at the train station:


First, the traditional quilts


This one is all sewn and quilted by hand.


A Baltimore Album.


A beautiful Sampler.



I really liked this one:


Here you can see what a wonderful work she did:


There were also a lot of contemporary quilts:



Can you see the fish? Great job!



This is an amazing one:


The Log Cabins are stunning!



A beautiful combination!


A leaf ? Or a tree?…






Another one of my favorites:



What about vests?

365 in all possible colors, techniques and shapes.

One for each day of the year!






A few photos from the Landscapes wall hangings:




I took a lot more pictures, everything was so interesting.

And I could have taken even more, but we also wanted to see the new fabrics and all the other quilt goodies and there were workshops, too! So much to see and do and so little time. We just could not make to visit one of the exhibition, that was a pity.

I came home quite tired yesterday, but oh so happy! ;-)))

It was a great weekend!

That’s all for now,

have a lovely and creative week!

signature Suzie



Annie said…
Thanks for sharing your trip - the quilts were wonderful and such lovely inspiration. Nothing nicer than going away for a few days on a "quilting trip"
Anonymous said…
Love the kaleidoscope one too- the detail you showed was amazing.

I'm sure you had a lovely time shopping for wonderful "hard to get locally" treasures.
Stephanie said…
How fun for you! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous quilts and vests. My favorite is the last photo...tall houses/buildings. Isn't shoppin the best part?
Annemariesquilt said…
Hi Suzie... Thank for sharing your quilt trip with us. A trip to quiltshow with a friend is always a lot of fun! Did you have any chance to buy some new fabric?
Sounds like my idea of the perfect weekend! Thanks for sharing so many lovely inspirational photos of the quilts with us. Hope you found time to buy some supplies :)
Deb said…
Suzie, there are definitely some amazingly talented people in our world aren't there?I adore the fish, that is very clever. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, just what the doctor ordered, a bit of rest and relaxation,and treating yourself.
hugs Deb
ale balanzario said…
Thanks for sahring all the photos, many wonderful work in the show.
Jackie said…
Wow, Suzie, thank you for the show and tell. What a great show to go to for inspiration. All just beautiful quilts and wearables.
Ulla said…
That was a big quilt show, beats my Blech a thousand times! It must have been really lovely to concentrate on important things for a whole weekend.
Gina said…
Thank you for sharing those fabulous quilts.
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself

love and hugs Gina xxx
Cindy said…
Great pics, Suzie, but I have to ask...this may sound silly....

BUT - there REALLY wasn't 365 vests, were there?

BUT - if there were - I'd be in VEST HEAVEN!!!
thanks for sharing all the lovely quilts......always nice to get away with a quilting friend....
Carrie P. said…
Great quilt show. I love the pink log cabin one.
nicolette said…
Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilt show. I love the tall houses quilt!
Carrie P. said…
Just finished catching up on your blog. Lots of fun stuff.

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