Let’s stitch, let’s stitch, lets stitch!


Oh, the weather outside is frightful,

but the fire is so delightful,

And since we’ve no place to go,

Let’s stitch, let’s stitch,  let’s stitch!!!

And that’s what I’ve been doing!

I’ve finished this little one:


It is a pattern from this book which has a lot of lovely ideas:


This is my first block for the “Busy little Christmas elves” project with Melanie und Simone. The stitched blocks are so cute, I’m having a lot of fun stitching them. But I am not going to make as big as the original - though I might change my mind, who knows!….


Stina designed some very pretty blocks for stitching and I had to make some, too! You can use them for a small wall hanging or a pillow or whatever you like.  I thought of scented little cushions (not pincushions this time, unusual, isn’t it?!) and I decided that these hearts should have a girlie look, so here they are, Pretty in Pink, don’t you think?

Kürzlich aktualisiert

Thank you, Stina!!! So nice of you to offer this!

My dear friend Renate (no blogger) is having back problems (is this contagious?…) but before that happened she was again so loving and kind and knitted these beautiful socks for me:


I can knit, but with two needles! With five, well that’s the hell of it…But I won’t give up, I’ll give it another try.

Hope you are all sewing to your heart’s content  and drinking a cup of tea, or coffee or hot chocolate!


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Simone de Klerk said…
What a lovely post, dear Suzie! Wow, some wonderful stitching. I love what you did with Stina's design. The patterns are so cute! Very inspiring!
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie I stopped your blog loading part way through before the redirection could go through.

Renate makes gorgeous socks- so snuggly and warm- perfect for the weather you are having.

Great work on Stina's hearts. I plugged them today on my blog. The house wallhanging is so cute.

I think in this weather a hot choc with floating marshmallows is good.
Carole said…
Well, actually yes, I am sipping a very hot herbal tea (Fix Malve Tee from Germany) because I've just come home and I've been up on my feet all day (except for lunch when I sat for 20 minutes, and driving to Germany and back).
I'll be sewing again in three days, when the February holidays begin, can't wait can't wait can't wait !!!
I hope you are feeling much better and that everything is going fine healthwise.
Congrats on your lovely girly cushions, and big big hugs !
Ulla said…
Oh Suzie, your stitching is so pretty! Your friend Renate kitted some nice socks for you; this really is a winter for wool socks.
Stina said…
Oh Suzie.... I am stunned... I love what you did with the hearts... Soooo PRETTY...
Thanks for showing..:o)
And I love the house.. so pretty this one too.. you have done a lot of wonderful things.. :o)
Deb said…
Hi Suzie, I have got that book also, isn't it brilliant. Has some fantastic patterns in it. I love your stitcheries using Stina's designs, they look wonderful.
hugs Deb
Cindy said…
What? No pincushions? LOL I like what you did with Stina's hearts, light, fresh and feminine looking.

Ooh, the socks look warm and cozy. I love wooly, warm socks...along with a cup of coffee in one hand and maybe even an oreo in the other..LOL
Sherri said…
I love all of your beautiful stitcheries!
Sandi Butler said…
Hi Suzie, I can just imagine you stitching by the fireside, with your new woolly socks on. :)
Annemariesquilt said…
You alway make such wonderful work Suzie.. Your house is adorable .
I trying to make some UFO's finishing ;-))
Stephanie said…
I see you got the blog hacking fixed! :o) Your stitching is perfection. The elves you, Melanie and Simone are doing are so very cute. What a sweet friend to knit you socks. I'm happy I can manage just one crochet hook!
Carrie P. said…
OOO!! love all your little embroidery projects. So cute. I am slowly doing Stina's hearts on some white napkins.
Wow those socks are awesome and especially nice of Renate to send you some.

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