Colors to brighten the day




Working with strips is a lot of fun!

I started with the hearts as my first project for the “No strings attached challenge”. This time I did not want to use red, my choice was blue and I like how they turned out. A “Blue Valentine’s”!


Then I wanted something “warm”, a little contrast to these cold grey days.  I had a big smile when it was finished. It warmed the day!

So, here comes the sun!



A little machine quilting and it was done. No points or seams to match, just sewing and having fun!

When I then received Ulla’s card yesterday, I was surprised how the colors of her lovely card matched with the things I had made!

I love the sweet cows reading in the evening! And the stamp is a darling one, too. Thanks, dear Ulla! In Finnland Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a “Friend’s Day”, I think it is a good idea, too!

And not to disappoint my dear ones at home, I baked a cake this morning. Chocolate frosting and hundreds and thousands on top – I used them because “hundreds and thousands” are called “Liebesperlen” in German and that means “Love pearls”, doesn’t that go fine?!



Wishing you a lovely Valentine’s Day!


being loved

is poor?”

(Oscar Wild)


signature Suzie


Anonymous said…
Love those blue hearts Suzie- beautiful sunny blues. Your cushion is very Klimpt with the warm golds and little jewel details.

Yes such a lovely card from lovely Ulla. She is a treasure. :-)

Moomin stamp too!
Karen said…
The collage of pictures you have at the beginning of your post looks like it could be a post card! Bright and cheerful! I actually like seeing the hearts you did in blue for a change. Very nice. The pillow is gorgeous. A definite ray of sunshine with all the different strips of color. You must love your family a whole lot. It shows with how many "love pearls" you added to your cake! :0)
Carole said…
Hello Suzie,
thanks a lot for your comment, I thought I'd hop by now that I've finished sewing. Nothing as beautiful as your blue hearts and your pillow - more utilitarian : I bought a 80X80 pillow in Germany and made a pillow case out of an old sheet.
Your cake inspired us : we are off to make scones now (the girls have been following me around and are now playing with the mouse... we're on holidays and with all the snow outside, we have to keep them busy somehow).
Have a sweet Valentine's day, I love the idea of Friend's day, less restrictive ! Have a nice week-end too. Lots of warm hugs !
Simone de Klerk said…
Lovely hearts, Suzie! And great having made them with your string blocks! Your pillow looks so nice and warm. How could Ulla have known what you made ...
Have a lovely weekend!
Ulla said…
Lovely string blocks and blue hearts, and their colours really match my card perfectly! The cake looks delicious.
Carrie P. said…
I like your blue hearts and your other string project.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Deb said…
Those colours on all of your makings are so warm and beautiful. Your cake looks fabulous.
Happy Valentine's Day.
hugs Deb
Stephanie said…
Rich and vibrant oranges and lovely blues. Congratulations on your two string finishes. What a fun card from Ulla.
Jackie said…
String blocks are fun! Yours are beautiful. I especially like the bright orange one.
Love the bright colours in your latest creations! The blue hearts are gorgeous!

Enjoy your Valentines Day with your family - heart shaped cake is the perfect treat.
Zlaty said…
Love your blue heart! So adorable! And the the sunny orange! We need some sun here to melt all the snow!

Happy Valentine's day!

How true is your quote!
Anne Ida said…
Lovely string projects! And such bright colours - great to see on a grey day!

Yummy looking cake there! Enjoy!!!
Annemariesquilt said…
I do love your stripquilting project Suzie..
And yes Ulla is so sweet, I got a card too ;-))
Take care and have fun..
nicolette said…
I hope your Valentines Day was a lovely one. Love your string projects!!
Annette said…
The little blue hearts are so darling. A very creative way to use your strips.
retdairyqueen said…
Hi Suzy
Just wanted to thankyou for the blocks you sent to Lyn for the quilt she is making for
People have been making me feel so special
Loved your blog
Cindy said…
You're a ray of sunshine, Suzie.
It's so nice seeing soft blues and vibrant colors on your pillow...colors of the season to soon come.

Oops, I just read that Karen typed "ray of sunshine" as well. See - there ya go - more than just me is thinking that.
I LOVE YOU said…
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Wendy said…
I love the blue heart hanging, it's so lovely and fresh.

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