Blocks and pillowcases


Hello there!

I have finished a few things to send this week.

Lyn is making a quilt for Illene, who is going through hard times, and she needs us. Would you like to help her? Please read here to get the information. Every single nine-patch block is welcome!

These are the ones I’m sending :


Stephanie wrote this post about sending pillowcases for the Hole in the Wall Gang. If you get interested, there is a video where you can watch how to sew the pillowcase. I read the instructions she gave, but…

The truth is, I racked my little brain trying to understand how to sew it together… But I am one of those people who need some pictures!!! A “visual brain” I would say. But after seeing it, all went well. I had fun making them and I think you will, too!

I made one for a little princess (with castles and fairies) and one for a boy (a little sailor, perhaps!) :


I’ve also been cutting a lot of strips for the No Strings Attached Challenge, the more, the better, the merrier!

 I’ve got the blues…


 But also the greens,


the reds and oranges,


and pinks!


 What am I going to do with them?…..

I am not so sure, but I thought I should start cutting the strips. I have to begin somewhere.

Last week there was a parcel waiting for me when I came home.

It was from Stephanie, she is such a dear friend, always caring for others. She sent me a snuggly, lovely flannel pillowcase to keep my back warm - thank you so much! I love the cups, to me they are filled with hot chocolate and some marshmallows!


It is a blessing to feel the kindness from my blog friends.


If you are having sunshine, enjoy it!

If you are freezing, keep warm!

Wishing you all a lovely and creative week!

Until next time


signature Suzie


Anonymous said…
Well done Suzie, I am at the strips separated into colour pile stage and just about to make a start on them. Isn't it fun!

Love the 9 patches for Lyn and the pillowcases are just so darling for those children.
Stephanie said…
Very darling pillowcases. Love your strip piles...especially the blues and greens. :o) You're a very giving and caring person yourself.
Annemariesquilt said…
You are always so sweet thinking of others.. I love your ninepath blocks and your pillowcases..
And lot of great strips for our challenge at Stephanie. I have not startet thinking strips just yet, I am trying to finish some UFO's....
Anonymous said…
You are a generous person, it's so sweet of you making something for all those people. I'm looking forward to see what you are going to do with all those stripes.
Ulla said…
You have been busy with generous projects so it is just right that you get a gift as well. The pillowcases are fun to make, and you have found the cutest fabrics. I'm curioous to see your string blocks.
nicolette said…
Lovely nine-patches Suzie!

It’s good to receive dear presents from friends cause you’re such a generous person yourself!

I enjoy your surpris gifts every day!

Hope your back is feeling a bit better.
Simone de Klerk said…
Lovely blocks for Ilene's quilt that dear Lyn is making! And I will definitely have a look at the video. I want to make those pillowcases too for Jackie, but somehow I can't figure out how. This will probably help me!
Good luck with the strings!
It's cold here too. No sun since days )O:
Hope more sun comes your way!
Anonymous said…
Hello Suzie, thank you very much for making the Nine Patch blocks for Illene's quilt...very much appreciated....the colours of your strips are eye catchin...I love the array of colour...Warm Regards Lyn
Carrie P. said…
Great job on your pillowcases. I still need to make mine.
Love those little piles of strings. I love flannel pillowcases.
Cindy said…
I am so glad you're back to us blogging, Suzie. You're one blogger that I have so enjoyed from Day One.

Looks like you're well on your way with strips.
Simone de Klerk said…
The tutorial is great! Thank you so much for the link. Now I can finally start (O:
Have fun with your strips.

Well I am in Florida and I am still freezing! We have had a most unusual winter this year.

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