A white, white winter


It has been cold and we have had so much snow, everywhere and everything is white.


Our back yard, that’s how it started.


First almost 20 cm, then,


26 cm, it is long ago the last time we had that much.

2010_0111blog-photos0015 2010_0111blog-photos0019

I stopped measuring. More snow, but the wind is doing the service now.  DH and DS1 are getting tired of cleaning the path way!…

Though white is sooo beautiful, I would like to show you some colorful and inspiring pictures from these magazines,


Beautiful ideas from Marie Claire, one of my favorite magazines,

2010_0111blog-photos0046 2010_0111blog-photos0047

2010_0111blog-photos0050 2010_0111blog-photos0055

I got this book for Christmas and it has a lot of lovely ideas. She combines beautiful fabrics with linen and I love the results:




What a neat idea for pincushions!








2010_0111blog-photos0033 2010_0111blog-photos0030

This a Japanese book, called “Petit boutique series”.

The projects are for children:

2010_0111blog-photos0025 2010_0111blog-photos0026 2010_0111blog-photos0027

Aren’t they sweet?

The little bird is the cutest project.

Cath Kidston’s book is a nice one, and even though the projects are meant to be done with her fabrics, I’m sure one can use something different:

2010_0111blog-photos0038 2010_0111blog-photos0039

2010_0111blog-photos0040 2010_0111blog-photos0041


Next time I’ll show some of the little sewing I’ve been working on!

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!

signature Suzie


Gina said…
Nice to see you again.
Although we've got quite a bit of snow its less than you thank goodness.
I look forward to seeing what you make from those lovely books

Love and hugs Gina xxx
Ulla said…
Enjoy the snow, in a few months it will melt away! The pictures are lovely and inspirational, especially the Japanese book.
Anonymous said…
Some lovely ideas there Suzie. I'm looking forward to some fun projects now the serious coat is finished.

Our snow sadly is going today. The roads are slush already.
Stephanie said…
Such lovely projects. All things Japanese are so darn cute. Stay warm!!!
nicolette said…
Good to see you’ve posted again Suzie!

We also have really Wintery days, great for some reading and stitching!
Cindy said…
Oh goodness, what FUN projects. The hardest part would be to try to pick which one to do first.

And have you seen any sun yet today?
Ruth said…
I love your work.. Where do you purchase the Japanese craft books? I can't seem to find a good source. Thanks so much

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