Giving a gift, receiving a gift

Today I can show you what I’ve made for Anne Marie. Her birthday was yesterday, she got my parcel  in time and she liked it! That makes me happy!

It is a needle keeper I love to make. It is not difficult to sew, it has two little pockets inside and one can use stitch different motifs for the front:




I got a parcel with a lovely surprise from my friend Annie (no blogger).

She made the sweetest Arm Sewing Caddy I’ve ever seen!

I love the fabric she used:



Everything matches!


She paper pieced the heart and the tulip for the pockets, they are so pretty and so fine. I love it! Thank you sooooo much!!!

2010_0115blog-photos0002 2010_0115blog-photos0003

I’ve started a Christmas Stitchery Project with Melanie and Simone and my first block is finished. In February I’ll show a picture of it, the motif is really cute! Are you curious?!

But I can show you something I started in December. I made the template, selected the fabrics, started sewing, and made a stupid mistake…

That was upsetting and I put it away. Some weeks later I thought it was time to give it another try. I got it right and I’m glad it did not end in the waste basket!


Plenty of place for color pencils and pens and everything else.


There’s not much snow left around where I live, but the temperatures are low – well, I always freeze! Guess what I’ll be doing during this cold weekend? That’s right!  A nice and warm cup of tea, a nice CD and I’ll sit near the fire place and stitch!!

Hope you’re also having a lovely weekend stitching and sewing in your cozy home !

Until next time!


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Stephanie said…
I always freeze too! I'm sure Anne Marie loved her needlebook. So cute. I notice the spool fabric you used too. I can't believe the tiny paper pieced heart and tulip on the pretty organizer your friend sent. Wow. Oh my goodness I'm glad you could rescue the pencil pouch. CUTE. I always love seeing what you're up to. Stay warm.
Annemariesquilt said…
Hi Suzie..
You are such a sweet friend. You made me a wonder gift and i will start using it right away;-))
Thank you so much for thinking og me...
Ulla said…
Such sweet gifts, both sent and received. The needle book is so practical, everyone needs one or two. I have the same spool fabric!
The paper pieced details are amazing.
whitey said…
these are all great ideas!
Very cute gifts! Love the needle book.
Min Quilte krok said…
Lovely gifts:-)
Have a great and kreative weekend
Gina said…
I love all the goodies.
I'm glad you didn't throw that pencil case away as it's lovely

Love and hugs Gina xxx
Simone de Klerk said…
I am also always freezing cold in this weather. I sit with quilts on me every evening while stitching. Brrrr.
Love all the lovely projects you made and received. Such wonderful happy colors!
Have a great week!
Cindy said…
How adorable is that arm sewing caddy. Too darling and just perfect!

How darn cute - I love how you put pencils on the pouch. Anyone would love this! How great for SO many things.
Karen said…
Happy Birthday to your friend Anne Marie! The needle keeper is very sweet. You are a lucky gal to receive such a pretty arm caddy as a gift. I love the colored pencil and pen purse. It was a good thing you didn't throw it away. Enjoy your tea and stay warm and cozy!
Anonymous said…
Lovely pencil case- great use of colour. Glad you have it sorted now.

What a lovely needle book for Anne Marie. I think she was thrilled to bits.

What an amazing armchair caddy. The heart looks so intricate.

I have just done a lot of cutting now I have energy- 300+ of the 2.5" squares are cut, 12 pin wheels are cut and 8 stars are cut.
Carrie P. said…
That little pencil bag is awesome. And yes, I am curious as to what you are stitching on.
The sewing caddy is just beautiful. Love the little paper pieced heart and flower.
Linda said…
Just visiting. Enjoyed your blog.
God bless. Linda
Jeanette said…
Love the needlecase you made & the sewing caddy you received. The paper piecing is beautiful.

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