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Hi there!

I’ve finished two projects from the book “I love patchwork” that I showed you on my last post. Getting a little bit of sewing done this week was a real treat for me! :-)))

First a small pouch, 7” x 6” (18cm x 15 cm) .

Front and back:

2010_0115blog-photos0007 2010_0115blog-photos0006



This is how it looks in the book:


Then I made a travel sewing kit using the same fabrics. I used a piece of felt instead of fabric for the needles.

It measures 9 1/2” x 7 1/2” (24 cm x 9cm):

2010_0111blog-photos0059 2010_0111blog-photos0060

Here is the original:


Once in the sewing mood…

For a friend who loves to crochet I made a Crochet Hook Cozy for her birthday:



 The pattern is from Jenny Ryan.

The other birthday gift is for a very nice blogfriend so I can’t show you today what I’ve made for her! But I took a picture of it!

It is dark and cold outside, I’m going to make a cup of tea.

Wishing you a lovely, warm and creative weekend!

Until next time!


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Anonymous said…
What lovely things you have been making Suzie- gorgeous! I bet your friend was so happy with the crochet organiser.

Happy sewings. Hope your back improves -it is suprising what muscles you are moving when sewing. I hope it will help.
Stephanie said…
CUTE zippy pouches. Great crochet hook organizer--very handy. I'm sure your friend loved it.
Ulla said…
Lovely matching set of sewing things. Your fabric choices make me think of Valentine's Day.
I hope you are getting better!
Cindy said…
I'm loving it - ALL of it.

Look at those fun fabrics.
Sandi said…
Lovely sewing projects, Suzie. So thoughtful to make the crochet hook cozy for your friend - I bet she loved it.
Stina said…
Love them..:o)
Busy as a little bee..:o)
Simone de Klerk said…
Wow, Suzie, I am glad I am able to visit your blog on my DH laptop. It has been way too long )O:
You have been up to making so many beautiful things. So happy to see the brightness of your projects again! Have a lovely Sunday.
Oh my goodness Suzie, these are adorable!
Annemariesquilt said…
Hello there and I am so happy to see that you have had some time to yourself and sew.. Beautiful things too..
I wish you a wonderful week to come Suzie ;-))
atayala said…
I'll make one bigger than this for a sofa in my living room.

Deirdre G
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