Saturday, January 23, 2010

Giving a gift, receiving a gift

Today I can show you what I’ve made for Anne Marie. Her birthday was yesterday, she got my parcel  in time and she liked it! That makes me happy!

It is a needle keeper I love to make. It is not difficult to sew, it has two little pockets inside and one can use stitch different motifs for the front:




I got a parcel with a lovely surprise from my friend Annie (no blogger).

She made the sweetest Arm Sewing Caddy I’ve ever seen!

I love the fabric she used:



Everything matches!


She paper pieced the heart and the tulip for the pockets, they are so pretty and so fine. I love it! Thank you sooooo much!!!

2010_0115blog-photos0002 2010_0115blog-photos0003

I’ve started a Christmas Stitchery Project with Melanie and Simone and my first block is finished. In February I’ll show a picture of it, the motif is really cute! Are you curious?!

But I can show you something I started in December. I made the template, selected the fabrics, started sewing, and made a stupid mistake…

That was upsetting and I put it away. Some weeks later I thought it was time to give it another try. I got it right and I’m glad it did not end in the waste basket!


Plenty of place for color pencils and pens and everything else.


There’s not much snow left around where I live, but the temperatures are low – well, I always freeze! Guess what I’ll be doing during this cold weekend? That’s right!  A nice and warm cup of tea, a nice CD and I’ll sit near the fire place and stitch!!

Hope you’re also having a lovely weekend stitching and sewing in your cozy home !

Until next time!


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Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting some things done


Hi there!

I’ve finished two projects from the book “I love patchwork” that I showed you on my last post. Getting a little bit of sewing done this week was a real treat for me! :-)))

First a small pouch, 7” x 6” (18cm x 15 cm) .

Front and back:

2010_0115blog-photos0007 2010_0115blog-photos0006



This is how it looks in the book:


Then I made a travel sewing kit using the same fabrics. I used a piece of felt instead of fabric for the needles.

It measures 9 1/2” x 7 1/2” (24 cm x 9cm):

2010_0111blog-photos0059 2010_0111blog-photos0060

Here is the original:


Once in the sewing mood…

For a friend who loves to crochet I made a Crochet Hook Cozy for her birthday:



 The pattern is from Jenny Ryan.

The other birthday gift is for a very nice blogfriend so I can’t show you today what I’ve made for her! But I took a picture of it!

It is dark and cold outside, I’m going to make a cup of tea.

Wishing you a lovely, warm and creative weekend!

Until next time!


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Monday, January 11, 2010

A white, white winter


It has been cold and we have had so much snow, everywhere and everything is white.


Our back yard, that’s how it started.


First almost 20 cm, then,


26 cm, it is long ago the last time we had that much.

2010_0111blog-photos0015 2010_0111blog-photos0019

I stopped measuring. More snow, but the wind is doing the service now.  DH and DS1 are getting tired of cleaning the path way!…

Though white is sooo beautiful, I would like to show you some colorful and inspiring pictures from these magazines,


Beautiful ideas from Marie Claire, one of my favorite magazines,

2010_0111blog-photos0046 2010_0111blog-photos0047

2010_0111blog-photos0050 2010_0111blog-photos0055

I got this book for Christmas and it has a lot of lovely ideas. She combines beautiful fabrics with linen and I love the results:




What a neat idea for pincushions!








2010_0111blog-photos0033 2010_0111blog-photos0030

This a Japanese book, called “Petit boutique series”.

The projects are for children:

2010_0111blog-photos0025 2010_0111blog-photos0026 2010_0111blog-photos0027

Aren’t they sweet?

The little bird is the cutest project.

Cath Kidston’s book is a nice one, and even though the projects are meant to be done with her fabrics, I’m sure one can use something different:

2010_0111blog-photos0038 2010_0111blog-photos0039

2010_0111blog-photos0040 2010_0111blog-photos0041


Next time I’ll show some of the little sewing I’ve been working on!

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!



A New Year has just began!

Let’s hope it will be a good and healthy one, with lots of projects (accomplished ones, if possible!) and happy hours spent in the sewing room. That’s a quilter’s wish from the heart to all of you!

Unfortunately I did not have the chance to report much about our Christmas this time. We had a nice, happy and peaceful one, with a little bit of snow and pleasant hours enjoying ourselves. I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families.

Here are some pictures of the decoration:


I want to share with you what some dear blogfriends sent me. It was such a joy to receive so much caring from all over the world!

The first parcel came from Melanie with beautiful gifts!


A towel from the region where she lives, a recipe book, and a very pretty sewing bag with more goodies inside. A heart pincushion, a needle book, a cute matryoshka, and a darling wooden mushroom for my collection!


There is plenty of place for everything, her work is beautiful! Thank you so much, dear Melanie, you know how to make someone happy!

Then came Ulla’s parcel with these adorable goodies from Finnland:


A towel in blue with her fine stitchery, tea with spices,  a special chocolate with chili, a green plate with a lovely painting. Look how sweet the bird is:


What is on the plate now? The delicious gingerbread cookies she made! They are so tasty, I’m glad she also sent the recipe for them!


Heartfelt thanks Ulla! How nice of you sharing the joy of Christmas with me, too!

On the same day I also got Stephanie’s, I was smiling and giggling like a little girl!


Isn’t this pincushion a darling one? I love the little tree and the ric-rac! The fabrics are so lovely and I am so happy to have a red bobbin, too!

Thank you so much, Stephanie! I wish you could have seen my smile! Actually, I smile anytime I see the adorable gifts from my friends!

From one member of my quilt group I got this lovely pressie:


She knows I like gingerbread man so she filled a little box with all things “ginger”. I especially like the buttons she made herself, aren’t they cute? I do value the time she spent doing all these gifts.


Deb sent me a Christmas card with a lovely stitchery (that is now hanging on the tree). It took a while to come here all the way from New Zealand, it is something I’ll always treasure, thank you so much!


 Thank you all for making this Season even more special!

I’ve found a saying from Abraham Lincoln, “The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time”. That sounds like a good resolution to me.  I’ll try to take each day as it comes and hope to make the best out of it. How about you, have you set goals for the new year?

It has been snowing and everything is white, it looks so peaceful, so nice. It is the kind of weather quilters enjoy!


I should get back into sewing soon or the withdrawal symptom  will get harder!….

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!

frienship  signature Suzie