A very nice Sunday


Hi there!


It is really early in the morning and the crafters (and myself) are getting the last things done before the visitors come!


A lot of fresh fruits, healthy and tasty!


What about some homemade marmalade and jelly?


And Brezel (Pretzel) !

Granny’s kitchen is warm and cozy, would like a cup of coffee?


And of course a piece of cake, right?

I recommend the Apple Pie or Cheese cake, delicious as always!



Please choose a place where you…


would like to sit down…


and chat with me!

Ohh, I hear somebody calling my name!

The visitors are coming!!!

I have to go to my market stall because some people are asking for me.

And then, no break at all!…

The weather was very kind to us, it was windy, but no rain and the sun even appeared for a short while!

It was incredible how many people came by, I had no time anymore to take more photos … But, that does not mean I sold everything!!! (If my family depended on that for money, we would starve to death!!!!)

I had a lot of nice conversation all the time, there were many women interested in how quilts are done. They want to know where they can take classes and how long does it take to learn ( Aren’t we always learning? I tell them it is a lifelong process, if one gets the “quilt bug” one will never stop learning!).

A nice woman came and wanted to know which kind of batting I use for wall hangings, she even brought a little piece she bought to show me if it was the right one. Another one described how she recycles old clothes to make “new” ones, but she never tried to make a quilt with them – I told her maybe it is time to give it a try!  A little girl thought that the place mats were Doll Quilts – I would think the same if I were a little girl, specially when she told me they only have “plastic” ones at home!.  And there was a man who took his time to look everything , he seemed very interested, then he said “ I can’t buy anything because my wife sews too and she would be mad at me if I did!”, that made me laugh!!! I only realized how late it was when it started to get dark and cooler. The day passed by so fast! I was lucky with my selling and I even got some orders! Some place mats with stars for Christmas, a little pouch with polka dots and a cushion.

At home I felt really, really tired (twelve hours non stop…), but I just cannot complain, it was a lovely day for me and I hope for all the others and the visitors!

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!




nicolette said…
Thats sounds like a wonderful day at market Suzie!

When I help out at carfty markets I always get so many funny and strange questions. It sometimes looks like people want to make a chat, because they feel uncomfortable not buying anything.
Stephanie said…
It sounds like you're a terrific ambassador for the art of quiltmaking! I had to laugh at the man whose wife sews! Whoever made purchases from your got very lovely and well made items.
Anonymous said…
Well done for being such a teacher as well as having so much to show on your stall. I'm glad things sold well and you had some orders.

I think I would've loved going round the market with you before it was crowded.
Anonymous said…
Good for you, to sell evrything you made. You must have a great day.
Simone de Klerk said…
Loved reading the story, Suzie! What a great time you must have had!
Cindy said…
I truly enjoyed reading your blog this morning, Suzie. It sounds like you had as good a time as the shoppers.

And, thank you so much for your wonderful photos.

I love blogging more and more because of the wonderful people I have come to get to know - and the BIG hearts that they have.
Ulla said…
The pictures of your market made me homesick for Germany! I could feel the smell of your coffee and the cheesecake and imagine the ladies who serve them. A day so busy that you only notice it is getting dark means you had many customers and "students" to make your time fly. I wish I could have been there too.
Deb said…
Oh yes Suzie it does sound like a wonderful day. I love craft markets, the people who visit and have stalls are always so lovely.
Time goes very quickly.
What an amazing market - sounds like you were able to inspire so many with your beautiful work. The photos of everything look great - I wish i could have visited in person.
Zlaty said…
Oh Suzie, looks like you had a wonderful time and hopefully a lot of sells! Where is that market?

My mom and granny also had a stove like that! Thanks for sharing!

Happy sewing!

Stina said…
Oh.. I´d love to have a nice cup of tea with a little slice of cheescake...?? Can I come...lol.. Suzie..it looks lovely .. and Im so happy the market day was fun with a a little selling too!! Have a great weekend! :o)
Carole said…
Oh my, I would have loved that day too !!!!!
The setting is just lovely, and my heart just stopped for a short while when I saw granny's kitchen... reminded me of my own granny and her meringed blue berry pies, so wonderfully golden as they came out of her stove !!! And the house, with the plants in the blue pots on the table... just my kind of thing !!
atayala said…
Love your grandma's cozy kitchen.

Deirdre G
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