A season to inspire



I got one of my favorite magazines and I was reading it without a break!

A lot of ideas for fall decoration, knitting and baking, the photos were so inspiring:


It is time to get the needles, some yarn and feel comfortable sitting inside and making something nice to wear during the cold months!


The change in depth of colors brings a nice cozy feeling!


2009_0924blog-photos0025-2 2009_0924blog-photos0014

And before it got grey and breezy, we went for a walk in the woods.

The colors of the leaves are slowly changing…


Some nice (and poisonous?) ones:

2009_1003blog-photos0005 2009_1003blog-photos0006



And tiny little flowers : (don’t they look like butterflies?)



But I had a lot of things to get done for the craft market!

Every single minute was spent in the sewing room, quite some busy days I tell you! That explains my absence during the last week and the chaos here…

Everything is packed and set for tomorrow! And although it is supposed to be windy and rainy (ohhhh….)  I hope it won’t prevent the visitors from coming. It is a very nice market with a lot of different artisans who show how their work is done (turnery, pottery, glass blower, etc) . I’m with others in the old half-timbered house where the visitors can sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea and eat delicious homemade cakes and pies. The women from the “grandma’s kitchen” all wear clothes from the last century which gives a nice atmosphere like one is back in time.

I’ve made some place mats and coasters using fabric with coffee motifs. Although I prefer to drink tea, I always end up buying fabrics with coffee!


Cappuccino and coffee beans: ( but where is the chocolate?…)


I took a photo of this one, but it was still not finished ( and I forgot the table runner, it is almost like this one):


I’ll try to take some pictures of the market this time!

Some of you wrote me asking for the instructions for the potholders. It is quite simple!

Easy Potholder Directions

Materials you need:

50 gm cotton yarn for one potholder

crochet hook 4.00



Ch = chain

Sc = single crochet   (British = Double crochet)

R = row

Make 12 ch and join into a ring with a slip stitch. Work 18 sc into a ring, join the round with a slip stitch and work 1 ch to turn.

R1 (right side): 1 sc into each of the next 4 sc, 3 sc into next sc (center sc), 1 sc into each of next 4 sc, 1 ch, turn.

R2: inserting hook into the back loop of sc work 5 sc, 3sc in center,5 sc, 1 ch, turn.

Repeat row 2 increasing the number of sc worked and working 3 sc into each center sc until side edges measure about 20 cm. Fasten off.

That’s all! I think you’ll get “hooked” like I did!

See you!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Stephanie said…
I can see why you're inspired from those gorgeous magazine photos. Craft Market sounds like such fun. How wonderful it would be to attend a craft market in a different country. Wishing you lots of sales.
Annemariesquilt said…
I hope your marked fun turned out well for you and that the wind/ rain didn't catch you..
You have made lots of lovely things..
I am looking forward to some pictures!
nicolette said…
I’m ready for Autumn as well. It’s stormy and rainy outside and cozy inside.

I hope you have a fabulous time at Craft Market!
Ulla said…
Your magazine looks like a lot of inspiration. You have been busy making lovely things for the market, I hope you can get them all sold. Is the market just for one day?
Deb said…
Suzie, thanks so much for posting the pattern, really apreciate it. Love your coffee placemats, I agree things with coffee bits and bobs on them immediately appeal, its like you can smell the gorgeous coffee percing aroma. mmmm....
Simone de Klerk said…
Autumn is such a lovely colorful season. Nature is at its best!
The placemats are gorgeous! Love the theme, even though I don't drink coffee.
Magia da Inês said…
Olá amiga!
Passei para rever seu cantinho e as novidades...
Seu trabalho continua, como sempre, lindo e suave... mais uma vez, parabéns!
Um ótimo domingo!
Beijinhos carinhosos.
Itabira - Brasil
Anonymous said…
What lovely knitware! The heather coloured tunic is so beautiful. I can see why you took a break with a cuppa for this magazine.

The mats look practical and gorgeous. Well done! Glad things sold well.
Carrie P. said…
Just finished the last two posts. Glad you had decent weather. I really like going to outdoor craft show but you just never know what the weather will be like. I went to a craft show with my daughter where she sold some jewelry she made so I know what you mean when you say it is a good thing your family doesn't rely on your selling crafts. Some days are good and some days not so good. At least you enjoyed your day.

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