“…my life is like a slow train crawling up a hill…”

 Sorry for this pause, it seems I’m always catching up, right?

After that nice Sunday I got a cold, nothing so bad, I thought.

My group had a Quilt Show and I got things ready and packed. I was really glad I could spend the day there and it was another nice event (I’m showing you the pictures down below!).

But that cold turned out to be a very bad sinusitis.  I was feeling sick and dizzy, headaches were putting me down and the couch was the only place one could find me. My old quilt was a good fellow, comforting me and keeping me warm.

I went more than once to the doctor.

I hate to go to the doctor. 

I hate to get sick.

I hate to hang around and do nothing.

Do you call it impatience?

Me, too!…..Terrible…

I’m starting to get better, no headaches today, so let’s call it “improvement!”

This picture is  part of my Fall decoration,  I love the wood toadstools, I bought some of them at craft markets.


The first sneak peak of a project:


Part of the machine quilting:


You want to see the rest of it?

Then come with me, I’ll show you the Quilt Show!


Early in the morning we started to hang our quilts all around the place.


As you see, we and our treasures were safe inside!


A lot of colors and different motifs,


something for Christmas, too.




Blues and a little bit of red,


cheerful yellow,




remember the Snoopy Quilt? I had a place for it:


And my Summer Stash Challenge!


Our group also had a challenge, a small piece of fabric (like a fat eighth) and we had to use it combined with other fabrics, it did not matter how big or small. The fabric was from Kaffe Fasset, in green colors, can you find it?

Here are some of them:










I decided to make many curves, mine is a small one:


That is the impression when people came in, they had to look up!

Everywhere lampshades, but not from glass, they were made out of fabric!


A closer look in blue:


Red colors:


A white one, unfortunately the photo does not show the details:


I love this one, it is a “knitted” quilt!



The sneak peak was from the table runner, it is on my table:


With some of the pumpkins I made:


And some of my other things:


A blue string pouch:


I also made some bright pincushions:


During the show we had another show!

A group of dancers cheerfully showed their dance, I was impressed and interested!



I hope you have enjoyed the little Quilt Show!

I’ve sent a friend something for her birthday and I’m glad it arrived safe and in time.

And I’m happy she liked it!!!

She loves greens and blues and she loves tea. What should I make for her?


Well, this is part of my collection and it gave me the idea!

A tea cup!


That goes fine with the collection, too!

Another picture before I sent it to Stephanie:


The pincushion is all hand sewn and filled with sheep wool, it keeps the needles and pins sharp.

I just HAVE to get better, there is a retreat during the weekend and I want so much to participate!!!! Please, cross your fingers!

Wishing each of you lovely, healthy and happy days!



signature Suzie


Stephanie said…
LOVING my beautiful teacup pincushion! Thank you again Suzie! Wow what a terrific show. Those lampshades are gorgeous too. Your handmade items are beautiful. Take a double does of happy pills. Get well so you can go on your retreat.
Annemariesquilt said…
Hi Suzie I realy hope you will recover so you can go on your retreat later on ..
The quilt exhibition is so lovely and it is nice to see your quilts again!
The quiltteacup is adorable and your friend is very lucky!!
Take care and get enought sleep and you will get better..
Carrie P. said…
Wow, what an awesome quilt show. Lots to see. Was that a mall where you had the show.
Love all your little crafts. and that tea cup you made Stephanie is so sweet.
Ulla said…
You had a great quilt show and very beautiful quilts. We can see the details of the lampshade in white, just by clicking the picture. - You made such an elegant tea cup pincushion for Stephanie's birthday; I'm sure she loves it.
I hope you get better very soon and can go on the retreat. It will make you feel all OK.
Anonymous said…
All good wishes coming your way Suzie. What a vast array of quilt designs and all so unique and beautiful. Love your Autumn things of course- my fav season. :-)
Deb said…
Suzie, I love all of those quilts at the show. Amazing works. I also love all of the things you have been making, I am sure that Stephanie loved her teacup, its so cute.
Poor you with your sinusitus. I know exactly how you are feeling, I have just got over the same and I think it is one of the most painful headaches you can experience. Not at all nice. Hope you feel HEAPS better soon.
hugs Deb
Sandi said…
I love visiting quilt shows, thanks for taking us along, and showing us all those beautiful quilts. Lots of lovely things to see. The lampshades were pretty too. Love the things you made. Hope you get well soon, so you can go to your retreat. Hugs
Cindy said…
All the photos made me smile.

I love the "curves"...just not me! LOL

And the pincushion teacup - just too adorable. She'll cherish it.

You're a kind soul.
Glad your feeling brighter Suzie!! Love the photos from the quilt show - very inspirational. Stephanie's tea cup was so sweet.
Eileen said…
Wow.. I LOVE those lamps hanging at the quilt show. What wonderful photos you had for us Suzie. I am so sorry to hear you were sick.. I hope you're feeling better soon.
Karens Hopes said…
What a wonderful display I wish I was that clever. I'm glad you are feeling better.

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