Where wuz I?


……Here I go again, trying to catch up once more with blogging and answers and comments….I’m sorry I did not manage to do that before, I know I’m sort of a chaotic, but life insists on getting on the way every time I think things are running smooth and coming back to the “normal” routine. But I’m NOT going to complain about it,  that’s life, isn’t it?…..

It is better to talk about nice things, like winning a lovely giveaway from René.  It was such a surprise to receive her mail telling me I had won her prize! Thank you so much, René! Please, visit her blog, she has lovely ideas and she will be very glad if you drop by!

Here is her gift:




So nicely wrapped!






A lovely pattern from Rosalie Quinlan with all the material included! It is so neat! The Lady bug is a pincushion and when she is not resting inside the bag, you can use the bag for your sewing things.

The black dots are yo-yos! A cute idea!




Before the chaos broke in (…) I was trying to finish some projects and I was also planning some new things for Fall. Well, I’m still on that stage.…Crocheting was something that I was able to do in the evenings, it helped to relax a little. On Sunday we had such a wonderful weather and that was the right time to take some pictures outside:


The colors of Fall, always warm and lovely!


I wrote I’d let you know about a visit to the Quilt shop.

Yeah, I did!

But yesterday!  A very short visit, to buy a little bit of batting,  thread,  some FQs, and new ideas.  That is the kind of remedy quilters always need, no doubt about it.

That’s all for the time being, I hope you can bear with me.

Wishing you lovely sewing days!





Stina said…
Lovely win and ohh.. I love your new potholders... lovely colours.. even if my favourite season isnt fall..;o))) Ok.. I like fall.. as long as its warm and sunny...:o)) Ohh.. I love the little graphic picture....
"I am a quilter and my house is in pieces" ...may I borrow it..;o)))
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on such a lovely win. Your pot holders look just like leaves in those wonderful colours.

Lovely to have you back Suzie.
Zlaty said…
Lovely potholders Suzie!

Have a great day!

Ulla said…
Congratulations on winning the giveaway! You have found such lovely autumn colours for your potholders. I hope we can keep you in blogland now.
Stephanie said…
Congratulations on your win. I just love how you displayed your potholders. Like Melanie, I thought they were leaves at first. Do you use cotton yarn? It's always nice seeing you pop up in my google reader.
Carrie P. said…
Good to see you back. Cute giveaway.
I love your crocheting projects and you took some lovely photos of them. Looks like they should be in a craft magazine.
Well Suzie, it is always nice to hear from you :-)
Carole said…
So good to hear from you again ! Don't worry, life can be pretty hectic sometimes, isn't it the same for everybody !!!
Your potholders are really nice. I love the flowers in the background, reminds me of my trip to the garden center today... needed to change into something more "autumny".
Do you have a pattern for the potholders ? they seem pretty simple and I might want to start a collection ! It is true that crocheting is relaxing in the evening.
And congrats on winning the giveaway, the ladybugs are really cute !
Love the colours of your crocheted pot holders! Well done on the win. Have a great week - hope lfe settles down soon:)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the win! :) And such nice shades of fall!!! I love the colors!
Deb said…
Hiya Suzie, your pot holders are great-have you got a pattern you can share. I have always wanted to make some, have everything ready but........
Thanks for the comment on my blog, so far this week the jeans are okay!! The mouth is behaving and even more so is the hand feeding it-lol. Lovely to hear from you,
hugs Deb
Sandi said…
Congrats on winning a giveaway :) There are some nice prizes there.
You have been a busy bee :) Your crotcheting is lovely - nice autumn colours.
Cindy said…
Ooh, the crocheted colors of Fall are beautiful - just like seeing trees with changing colors.
Simone de Klerk said…
Welcome back, dear Suzie!
Great win! And I love the colors of your pot holders. Yes, fall brings lovely warm colors. It is a very inspirational season.
Have a lovely Friday and a sunny and bright weekend!
Renee said…
I'm glad you like the prize Suzie - happy stitching!
Annemariesquilt said…
I am so happy to hear from you again.. I have been a bit lost in blogging due to my computer broke down again. Congrats on your winn and your potholder are so wonderful and it brings me the autumn feeling!!
stacey said…
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