Lovely gifts!

Just a short post to share with you some pictures of the lovely parcel I’ve received from Melanie yesterday.

I was so glad it did not get lost, it took longer than usual and I was sort of afraid, one never knows what can happen on the way!


Can you imagine how curious I was?


Everything is so nice! A tea towel with sayings for every month, a book mark and eraser from Bank Hall, Bretherton and these sweeties:


I love this sunflower pincushion! The lady bug on top is so cute!

The wool heart has lovely applique, Melanie does it so well!





It is Thursday already!….Still trying to get more sewing finished, working a little bit on this and a little bit on that as time allows.  And  I have a decision to make, a VERY hard one!!! Should I go to the Quilt Shop and buy some fabric to satisfy my  greedy addiction?….Only a few FQs!…Or should I’d better stay at home and spent these hours with my sewing machine?….

I’ll let you know! ;-))))

Until then, have a lovely and productive weekend!


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little mouse


Ulla said…
That package was worth waiting for! The wool heart is very beautiful and the pincushion - are you sure you have enough of them? -is cute and funny. Melanie can do anything, I think.
Christy said…
Beautiful gifts and lucky, lucky you!
Anonymous said…
I still have this image that the pincushion made from a spring was surrounded by bomb squad at some point on it's route to you. LOL I am so glad you like it all. Thank you for receiving my September RAK parcel. (Random Act of Kindness).
Stina said…
Love your fantastic gifts from Melanie... Loved the Sunflower pincushion.. fun with the spring!!! :o))
Lucky you!!! HAve fun either you shop or sew... Hmm.. why dont do
Anonymous said…

What lovely gifts. That wool heart is soooo beautiful.

Thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment on my stuffed doll.
Annemariesquilt said…
You have been lucky to receive some goodies from Melanie too, yohoo..
Very nice things she made for you and she is very kind!
Deb said…
Melanie is such a hunny is she. So generous and makes such beautiful goodies.
Suzy, I hope you went shopping....
Simone de Klerk said…
Suzie, the presents you received are wonderful! Summer is still in your home!
nicolette said…
Such lovely and sweet gifts! Enjoy them!
Carrie P. said…
Very nice package to wait for. I love the little sunflower pincushion.
Carole said…
You're lucky to receive such nice things !
So what did you do ? Sometimes I also feel this urge to "go and buy", but the problem is that in the meantime nothing gets done ! And while I'm in the shop I realize that in fact I don't want to buy anything, I just want a change of scenery, or to look for inspiration, and I long to go back home and get something done...
Stephanie said…
Melanie always manages to make and send the most wonderful packages! And there seems to be no end to her generosity.
Zlaty said…
Enjoy your lovely gifts! Lucky you!

Happy sewing!

Cindy said…
We're home and I'm playing catch-up on blogs.

Are you sure you want to keep that adorable pincushion? I think it has someone else's name on it - CINDY....LOL

Beautiful friends make beautiful things - from the heart. Enjoy.
Jantine said…
I am so glad you got your parcel in the end. It was worth the wait, wasn't it?
Magia da Inês said…
Olá amiga!
Conheci seu cantinho que é tudo de bom!...
Lindo, criativo e muito alegre!
Amei mesmo!!!
Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!
Espero você em:
Um ótimo domingo!
Beijinhos carinhosos.
Itabira - Brasil

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