The joys of sewing again

Are the colors?  Or is it the pattern, or the beautiful fabrics?

Or  is is all together that makes one feels so glad about sewing a quilt?

Planning a quilt is something special,  you see a pattern that you just love, then you look for fabric in your stash or go to a quilt shop (I always have to!…), wash them and ohh, how lovely they smell!

Cutting, sewing, making some little changes here and there, planning the quilting, adding the binding and getting it done.  That is a long process, isn’t it? But it is a wonderful one!

There is love in every single step, the love for the one who you are making it for, the love for fabric, patterns, sewing, quilting.  Every time the same steps, but you never get tired of it because you know how  that makes you happy. 

It remembers me what the fox told The Little Prince, “It is the time you lavished on your rose which makes your rose so important”. To me it is not only the time spent on a quilt that makes the quilt so important, it is also the  love sewn in every stitch.  Do you feel the same?

I tried something new  this time, instead of using batting and the back side, I used fleece only.

It actually worked better than I expected, no puckers on the back and I could stitch in the ditch around the blocks:

2009_0830blog-photos0011 But it needed more quilting.  When you have only these two layers, you realize that. But hand quilting, well, not a good idea, the fleece is too thick, your fingers would absolutely strike on this matter! I got the idea from Eileen,  she’s been using a running large black stitch to quilt her lovely vintage quilt. That was the solution!  Thanks Eileen!




I’m sorry the pictures are not that good, but when I used  flash they looked even worse.

It was a new experience, maybe I’ll make other quilts like this one, but I still prefer the traditional way! Even when my knees and back get so sore afterwards.

I’ve also finished some Preemies quilts for donation




Though it’s  hard to see, I’ve quilted hearts all around, there are big ones, small ones , medium ones….




A dear friend gave me flannel in light, tender colors and once more, hearts as quilting motifs:



For two dear friends who have birthday in September I’m going to sew something special for them. I hope to show you some sneak peak next time!

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!


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Quilting is such a therapeutic activity! Love your latest quilt - thanks for the tips about the fleece batting. Yours looks lovely with the hand quilting detail.
Ulla said…
You said it, the love spent on a quilt is what makes it so special for us. The hand quilting looks lovely! I have just bought a fleece blanket and want to try using it for backing. The preemie quilts are so sweet, too.
Simone de Klerk said…
So good to see some wonderful finished projects, dear Suzie. I am glad you got the energy back to do this!
Tine said…
The large running stitches are beautiful!
And I agree, every step of making a quilt is equally enjoyable (maybe with the exception of basting.Lol)
I have used fleece instead of batting too, both with and without a cotton backing. It works so well!
Stephanie said…
The running stitch is perfect. I love to iron my new fabrics after washing. It's lovely to have projects that make us happy.
Anne Ida said…
You have some lovely finishes here! That large stitch around the hearts are wonderful!
Cindy said…
It's "sew" good to read your posts, Suzie. What a great idea about the running large back stitch. I could do that on my machine as if I can remember that...LOL
Very lovely quilts. I really like the running stitches. Enjoy working on your projects :-)
Gina said…
Beautiful quilts. It's nice to see you sewing again

Love and hugs Gina xxx
nicolette said…
So good to see you enjoy sewing again! Your quilts look adorable.
I’m a fan of large running stitches!

Quilting is soothing! I love almost everything about quilting, except for the basting part.
I love how the running stitch sets off the hearts. Did you really do that on the machine? That is great!

The flannel quilt with the hearts - that is wonderful. Lucky child who gets that one.
Anonymous said…
Those hearts make me melt!!! Thank you for sharing your work.
Annemariesquilt said…
Hello Suzie...
Very nice quilt and good to see that you are up and running again.
Last weekend I was in Roskilde and met up with Anne Mette and she asked me if I had heard anything from you.. She and I had lots of nice thought talking about you. We both hoped you are all weel..
Take care and have some fun!!
Sandi said…
I, too, enjoy the process of making a quilt. Thinking about what colours to pick, and which pattern to sew, and who you are making it for. There is love in every stitch :)
The hearts look lovely with the running stitch around them.
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie the red and turquoise quilt is so beautiful. I think you found just the right quilting too. I like backing quilts in fleece as they feel so snuggly. I use 505 spray so there is no movement between the layers.

The preemie quilts are so pretty. I am sure they will be loved. Yes I feel the same way when I make something. When I have a person I am making for I try to think of them and how special they are.
Christy said…
It is so lovely to see you in the sewing groove again!I missed your amazing stitchery!
Carrie P. said…
Love all your quilts.
I really like the idea of the big quilting stitch for some quilts too.

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