It seems like ages since the last time I left a message here.

We’ve been through hard times…fears, anxiety, tears, prayers,  hope…Life asks you how strong you are, how strong you can be and how much you can bear…And then, somewhere deep inside,  you find strength,  you carry on. Each day is a little step forward, and it becomes clear that this strength can only come from faith and love. As long as it is there, you know you will go on.

The healing process is not over,  a lot of physiotherapy is still needed, but we are thankful that he is doing fine and recovering well. With love and patience he will soon be able to move his arm again.

I thank each of you for the kind comments you have left, it is so important to know you care.

Thanks for all the  encouraging,  lovely and friendly emails you’ve sent me,  for the beautiful messages and pictures,  they touched my heart and made me smile with a silent tear that insisted to drop…Heartfelt thanks, dear friends.


I hardly had the time to enjoy some moments in the garden. Everything is growing wildly!…

I think I’d better say, with its “own” charm. I prefer to look only at the flowers, they are a real joy for the eyes, like this Fuchsia. I love its bright color:



Let me introduce you to “Mozart”, these lovely little pink roses. They burst with color and growth in the garden! You just have to watch out for its thorns, they really hurt!


Our cherry tree,  the only one we have and love.


The first cherries,  I love its red color!


Dear red cherry,  I’m in love with you!



Last Friday I sent a little parcel to my Pincushion Swap Partner.

I guess one can see that the red color caught me…Fortunately it is one of her favorite colors, too, so I hope she will like this little house pincushion I made for her:


When you lift the roof you have place for pins:


And the other side you have place for your sewing needles:


Here are some of the things I’ve sent her, the rest I hope she will show on her blog!


Summer vacations are about to begin.

I hope I will find some time to visit you more often and maybe I will also find time (between appointments and chores …) to go to my sewing room and  finish some projects ( or start new ones ?!..).  We will see…

Blessings to all of you!

Wishing you a lovely week,

signature Suzie



Anonymous said…
Hugs Suzie, I'm glad things are slowly getting better for you and Hubby.
Stina said…
Ohhh.. hi there Suzie.. so glad to see a post from you.. and the news about the two of you makes me happy!! :o)) Big hug to you from me!!

Love your pincushion house... so clever!!! Love it!! :o)
Anne-Mette said…
Liebe Suzi.
Es war wunderschön wieder was von dir zu lesen :-) und dass es vorwärts geht.
Das Nadelkissenhaus ist total süss.
Herzliche Grüsse
Annette said…
You have such a good outlook on things. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful flowers and the cherries. They go right along with your darling little house pincushion. Hope you and your husband keep doing better. You are in our hearts.
Stephanie said…
You've been missed and all good thoughts have been coming your way. Glad to hear of positive progress.

You do make THE most adorable pincushions. That is such a darling house.
Annemariesquilt said…
How nice to have you back, you are a dear flower and I realy hope everything turns out well for you and your family. You are in my thoughts Suzie.....
Annemariesquilt said…
Ohh I forgot to say that your pincousion is so beautiful and clever made as always from your hand!!!!!
Anonymous said…
It's so nice to hear from you again. It's so good to hear that he(and you) are doing better.

I love your little house, I wish I was your swap partner. Pssst can you tell me where I can buy the pattern or is it yours.
Ulla said…
Liebe Suzie, it's so good to hear from you again! Things must be going better now, and we'll be there for you all the time.
My experience is that you will find the strength to face difficulties when the difficulties come to you. You are stronger than you believed before life changed.
Carrie P. said…
So glad to hear that things are coming along for you. That is such great news. I pray for continued speedy recovery.
Those cherries looks delicious and your little house is adorable.
nicolette said…
Hi Suzie, So glad to see your post and all the lovely flowers! Take care, lots of hugs and I’m sending healing thoughts for your husband your way!

The pincushion house, Oh my dear I’m in awe!!!
Sandi said…
So glad to hear that your husband is recovering :)
Lovely garden photos. I wish we could grow cherries here, as they are my favourite fruit. The pincushions are so cute!
So glad to hear from you Suzie! Best wishes for your husbands rehabilitation - hope it all goes smoothly. I admire your positive outlook:) Glad you have found some time for creative pursuits - your little pin cushion house is so adorable!
Deb said…
Suzie, what a lovely post to read with such wonderful news. I am so very pleased to hear that things are slowly improving for your husband and peace is starting to rein over the family. Blessings and hugs for the times ahead, stay strong and know that we are all thinking of you.
Eileen said…
Oh Suzie.. it is so good to see your busy little hands working again and your beautiful products. I'm glad to hear our hubby is on the road to recovery. You are so strong for him.

The cherries are simply wonderful.. red is a fabulous and cheerful color. Love your birdhouse pincushion!
Guðrún said…
I am so glad to hear that he is recovering although it is in a slow pace. Here in Iceland Fuschia is called "Christ´s blood-drop"
Jantine said…
I am so glad reading everything is fine, no, going better and there are improvements as I think I can imagine a little what you went through as my father in law had the same six years ago. And he did not improve, so He has answered your prayers! (Ours too, but different then we thought He should).
Love the house and really wonder whom you sent it too. Please let us know!
Carole said…
Hi Suzie,
I've dropped by many times to check how things were, and what a relief tonight to read that things are slowly improving !!! Very glad for you and your hubby ; take good care.
Simone de Klerk said…
I'm so very glad to see you are back, Suzie! Sending lots of positive energy.
I love the pincushion and hearts you made! How clever, that roof (O:
Robyn said…
Suzie, passing by to say you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hold on.
Your GHQA friend,
Robyn xx
Julia said…
Suzie, I came from Robyn's blog...passing by to say, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. hugs Julia ♥
Lurline said…
God bless you both for having the the strength you have in such a sad time in your lives. So lovely to know you can 'stop and smell the roses', Brave Girl!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Valentina said…
Dear Suzie, receive a warm hug a prayer for you and those you love.
Valentina from Cyprus
Christy said…
Thinking of you suzie and sending good healing vibes for your hubby's immediate recovery.

Your new creative items are gorgeous!
Lynne said…
Hi, I've just called in from the Quilt along blog. Sorry to see that you've had a rough time of late but glad to see that things are a bit better now.
Love your sewing!
Candace said…
Sorry for what you've been through, but I'm glad that things are better. The pictures are lovely, and your swap partner will be very happy I'm sure. Red is a very happy color.
Marie Sews said…
Still thinking about you and wishing you all the best.

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