More potholders, a great gift and…I still don’t have enough….


With so many neat ideas for potholders from the book I mentioned on my last post, I just had to sew these ones:



The little stitched tea pot is what I like most in this one. I made a normal hanging tab instead of  making a yo-yo like in the book because I’m afraid the yo-yo could get damaged when washed.



The butterfly is a very sweet one! I reduced the size a little bit so it could fit my hands better:


I was so surprised to hear from Stephanie that I won her giveaway!

She made a beautiful bag and also a pretty quilt (now sold) using the Dresden Plate pattern and she showed how to use a ruler in a tutorial.  Then she randomly decided to pick up  two winners , I was lucky this time!!!



A lovely parcel!

I love the card with the cute sheep!






She sent me a Dresden Plate Ruler and a Charm pack:


Thanks for this lovely giveaway, Stephanie!

I started an English Paper Piecing  project months ago and, as usual, I worked on other things and jumped from one project to the other following the mood and the weather! - it is nice and relaxing to sit in the garden and have something to stitch or hand sew,  and the pentagons and diamonds were the right thing to work on. Then I thought I could start sewing the first rows…Well, not really!…

So far, that’s  what I have after many hours of cutting and basting:

2009_0503blog-photos0013 2009_0503blog-photos0015

It looks like a lot, but when I put them together in a row the way they should be sewn…

See how little I have in off white for the background?…

Fortunately, speed is not what is important to me!

But for now, or maybe, for this weekend, I’ll take a break. My poor finger are ruined! I’ve tried again and again, but I just can’t use a thimble. I need the feeling from my fingers, if  I can’t feel with my fingers, I can’t sew, it is as stupid or silly as that…

Wishing you a lovely week, with many happy hours spent in your sewing room!


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Ulla said…
Your potholders are very pretty, I can see why you can't stop trying every pattern!
The pentagons and diamonds make a lovely quilt, I have never seen a pattern with them. You have such beautiful bright colours. I can imagine basting the background off whites is not the most interesting job, when you need hundreds of them. - Congratulations on winning the dresden plate ruler!
nicolette said…
The potholders are too cute Suzie! I love the embroidered linnen and fabrics you used together.

I make hexagons every time I’ve finished a project, one from every piece of fabric I’ve used. I’m not in a hurry either. The pattern in the book looks wonderful!

Good luck with your fingers. I don’t like using a thimble too. Take care!
zigzago said…
Love those potholders, going to have a look at that book you mention. Hugs, Renata.
Stephanie said…
Love your potholders but I'm very partial to the teapot one. :o) What a terrific quilt you'll be making . Love the pattern.

Now you can get sidetracked again making dresden plates.
Annette said…
Congratulations on your win. How fun!! I love your quilt pattern. To me it looks like you have made a lot of progress. I really like your colors. Oh, and your hot pad are beautiful.
Guðrún said…
The potholders are so cute. It takes a LOT of time to make a quilt with hexagons/pentagons/diamonds.
limpingalong said…
Love your potholders!
Carrie P. said…
The potholders are so cute. Congratulations on winning a giveaway from Stephanie. You have been very busy making piece for your new project. A pretty rainbow ready to stitch. Love that pattern.
I can't use a thimble either when I am sewing or appliqueing by hand. I use something called Thimble It. It is little sticky things you can reuse for several times to put on your fingers.
Zlaty said…
I like your color choices on the potholders, good job!

You can never have too many, right?!

Happy sewing!

Love the butterfly pot holder! Well done on the win. I love the look of all your paper pieced shapes in the container all lined up - makes me want to start a paper pieced project too!
Deb said…
Suzie, love the butterfly pot holder, so different and looks really effective. Lucky you with your prize from Stephanie.
Eileen said…
I think I love that butterfly the best.. but I wonder if I would take the time to put my hands in the slots.
Stephanie makes the most beautiful packages. Congratulations for winning something from her!
Your pentagon pieces all cut and lined up there look great. What a wonderful quilt it will make.. I bet you can't wait to start sewing it together. Lots of sewing ahead for you. I can't imagine not using a thimble.
Annemariesquilt said…
I love you butterfly potholders, they are so sweet....
Good luck with your english sewing project, I have one too and I agree with you time does not matter!
Lovely gift you have got from Stephanie, are going to try Dresden block. ( I am sure you have already made it, or?)
Sandi said…
I love your butterfly potholder, what a clever idea!
Lovely prizes you have won too.
The paper piecing project is a great portable project to work on, as you can take them with you and work on a few pieces (or lots).
Ravenhill said…
Your potholders are so very sweet!!!

what a lucky one you are with this wonderful give away win!
~Emily x
Anonymous said…
Hi Suzie, Congratulations on your wonderful prize from Stephanie. I am the same with thimbles but I recently tried a rubbery plastic sort instead o metal and that was a lot better for me. I'm not sure where you buy them as this one was a gift. Like you my hands got sore so I was willing to try anything to get things finished in time.

Your butterfly pot holder is so special- well done. I love the neatness of your sewing. Ooo before I forget, I took the brooch and bag into Cupcakes and your work was greatly admired. They loved the fabrics you had chosen too. See I told you you did great work! :-)

That is great what you have done with the paper piecing. When I did my octagon and square one, I sewed a section together, then left it, then another section. I tried to get a row of 9 octagons and 11 squares sewn together a week to keep the project going. I thought I would feel too daunted if I cut too much at once. If you want paper piecing inspiration/encouragment, try Lucy Boston's book. Beautiful quilts by a lady who was virtually blind when she finished the last one.
Simone de Klerk said…
I love your potholders! The butterfly one is very special (O: And congrats on your win. Look forward to see a Dresden Plate from you.
Christy said…
These are the prettiest potholders I've ever seen, Suzie!
ezeldabeth said…
i love your potholders...especially te butterfly!
Karen said…
Your butterfly potholder is adorable! Very sweet!
Congratulations on winning the giveaway! It's always fun getting surprises in the mail.
Your pentagon diamond quilt is going to be gorgeous. I have never tried one, but can see that it will take a lot of time and work to do. Good Luck with it. :o)

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