Sunday, May 10, 2009


On Thursday  he didn’t come home like  usual.

He didn’t phone me either to tell he would be late.

I waited a couple of hours. Strange thoughts kept coming to my mind. I tried to phone him, no answer… Agony…My heart felt tight, not enough air to breathe.


Five hours later came a phone call, he was in the hospital.

It was such a shock to see him at the Stroke Unit…He fainted, he can’t really say what happened. He fell down, his head and shoulder got badly injured. Tomorrow is the surgery,  his shoulder hurts too much, something is broken, they have to operate it.  The doctors still don’t know what is wrong,  why he lost consciousness all of a sudden; a lot of exams to find out what happened so that he can get the proper treatment.

Why is it not only a very bad dream?…..

I go to the hospital every day.

I want to be by his side and hold his hand.

Nothing else matters.

I have no idea when I’ll post again. I hope you understand.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

More potholders, a great gift and…I still don’t have enough….


With so many neat ideas for potholders from the book I mentioned on my last post, I just had to sew these ones:



The little stitched tea pot is what I like most in this one. I made a normal hanging tab instead of  making a yo-yo like in the book because I’m afraid the yo-yo could get damaged when washed.



The butterfly is a very sweet one! I reduced the size a little bit so it could fit my hands better:


I was so surprised to hear from Stephanie that I won her giveaway!

She made a beautiful bag and also a pretty quilt (now sold) using the Dresden Plate pattern and she showed how to use a ruler in a tutorial.  Then she randomly decided to pick up  two winners , I was lucky this time!!!



A lovely parcel!

I love the card with the cute sheep!






She sent me a Dresden Plate Ruler and a Charm pack:


Thanks for this lovely giveaway, Stephanie!

I started an English Paper Piecing  project months ago and, as usual, I worked on other things and jumped from one project to the other following the mood and the weather! - it is nice and relaxing to sit in the garden and have something to stitch or hand sew,  and the pentagons and diamonds were the right thing to work on. Then I thought I could start sewing the first rows…Well, not really!…

So far, that’s  what I have after many hours of cutting and basting:

2009_0503blog-photos0013 2009_0503blog-photos0015

It looks like a lot, but when I put them together in a row the way they should be sewn…

See how little I have in off white for the background?…

Fortunately, speed is not what is important to me!

But for now, or maybe, for this weekend, I’ll take a break. My poor finger are ruined! I’ve tried again and again, but I just can’t use a thimble. I need the feeling from my fingers, if  I can’t feel with my fingers, I can’t sew, it is as stupid or silly as that…

Wishing you a lovely week, with many happy hours spent in your sewing room!


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