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The friendly Karen, from Sew many ways, sent me a lovely parcel!

She has a lot of creative ideas that she shows on her blog as TTT,  Tool Time Tuesday.

About a couple of weeks ago, she had something very cute and practical,  I loved her idea!

She was so kind to send me what I needed to make it!

And in the parcel I found even more extras!



There were two aprons from Home Depot,  beautiful fabrics, a lovely needle keeper, and also a clip with a retractable cord to attach a little scissor or a rotary cutter. 

I started sewing the next day!

Here is my first one:


The rotary cutter and the little scissor nicely match the fabric! Isn’t that sweet?

Thank you so much, Karen!!!


I’ve been busy working on different projects, I’ve done some stitching, some hand sewing and so on. Here is a little sneak peak:



Getting more pentagons finished….






…A little stitching, here and there….Any idea what this is supposed to be?…



And the postman did not disappoint me! Today I got some new patterns I ordered, mostly for pincushions  ( my obsession….), and they are so cute! I can’t wait to start making them!

But first I’ll get my appliqué/stitchery done, it won’t take long.  Just a few more stitches!

That’s all for now, dear friends!

Wishing each of you  a lovely week, filled with happy stitching and quilting hours!

singer sm Suzie


Stephanie said…
Great crafting apron. Such a generous package you received too!

Well I don't know what you're making, a little quilt perhaps, but I like it.
Ulla said…
Your little thingies holding the pentagon fabrics look great! The crafting apron will be very useful.
Stina said…
Hmmm...tablemats perhaps..:o)
Love the apron...that was very handy... very thoughtful gifts from karen :o)
Vickie E said…
I have a couple of questions, Why do you use the clips on the paper pieces? and where did you find them? thanks :)
Annemariesquilt said…
Lots of lovely stuff at your place today!! The apron is so cute..
Your new project looks very interessting and I am looking forward to see the progress. I have not done much here so I am a bit behind. I hope to catch up in the weekend.. Take care Suzie!!
Love the retractable clip on the apron - so cleaver and practical. Your new project looks interesting!
Christy said…
You always get the loveliest stuff in the mail.I'm so loving that cake coaster/placemat. Happy crafting!
Jantine said…
If you love pincushions, you better go and check as Sandra is hosting an pincushion swap!
Carrie P. said…
How nice of Karen to get you started on a new project. I really like the apron. So cute.
I am guessing the cake applique is a tablerunner. Guess I will see later.
Anonymous said…
What a pretty coloured apron. It was a lovely package you received. I like the look of your dessert. Ooo I'd not seen clips to use for paper peicing what a lovely idea to save on baste-ing them.

Happy sewing.
What a nice little gift you recieved. Love that craft apron.
Karen said…
I will have to go check out the TTT blog. The apron is really sew cute! A great idea. It looks like your vacation is over for sure. You have been very busy making all those pentagons! You must have a lot of special friends to be recieving so many nice gifts in the mail!
Guðrún said…
I see a slice of a cake :)
nicolette said…
I should have read this post first... Now I know you’ve made potholders...LOL!

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