Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Project a Month

Hi, there!

My OPAM for April is now finished! I showed a sneak peak of a project with some stitchery I was working on and today I can show you what it is:

2009_0425blog-photos0012 2009_0425blog-photos0010

Most of you thought it was a tablemat, but they are potholders.  I got the idea from this cute book:


There a lot of great ideas to work  with linen, scraps, stitchery, and so on. Making  potholders can be very creative!

I made some little changes, I added a narrow border and instead of making the ones with veggies and meat, I preferred to make one with a tea cup. Here are the original ones:

2009_0425blog-photos0003 2009_0425blog-photos0005

I also like these ideas:




I love the stitched tea pot and the yo-yo.






Aren’t they cute? The tea pot is a simple plain white one, yet so sweet.



I think I’m going to make them pretty soon!

Right now I’m making some pincushions, one of them has a lot of stitchery and the other one is sewn by hand.  Sandra, from Quiltathome is hosting a Pincushion Swap, wouldn’t you like to enter? A pincushion does not take long to be made!

The whole weekend is supposed to be sunny! After working a little in the garden, I hope to  stitch and  to hand sew!

In an old magazine I read this, it is for a stitched bag:


When it’s time to dig the garden

and weed the flower bed

I’ll wash my hands,

take off my boots…

And stitch and sew instead”


Don’t you feel like that sometimes?! I do!!!

But today I’ll do both!

I wish  you a peaceful and lovely weekend!


signature Suzie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More projects


The friendly Karen, from Sew many ways, sent me a lovely parcel!

She has a lot of creative ideas that she shows on her blog as TTT,  Tool Time Tuesday.

About a couple of weeks ago, she had something very cute and practical,  I loved her idea!

She was so kind to send me what I needed to make it!

And in the parcel I found even more extras!



There were two aprons from Home Depot,  beautiful fabrics, a lovely needle keeper, and also a clip with a retractable cord to attach a little scissor or a rotary cutter. 

I started sewing the next day!

Here is my first one:


The rotary cutter and the little scissor nicely match the fabric! Isn’t that sweet?

Thank you so much, Karen!!!


I’ve been busy working on different projects, I’ve done some stitching, some hand sewing and so on. Here is a little sneak peak:



Getting more pentagons finished….






…A little stitching, here and there….Any idea what this is supposed to be?…



And the postman did not disappoint me! Today I got some new patterns I ordered, mostly for pincushions  ( my obsession….), and they are so cute! I can’t wait to start making them!

But first I’ll get my appliqué/stitchery done, it won’t take long.  Just a few more stitches!

That’s all for now, dear friends!

Wishing each of you  a lovely week, filled with happy stitching and quilting hours!

singer sm Suzie

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet friends and sweet ideas


I hope you all have had a blessed, sunny and lovely Easter!

We really enjoyed ourselves during the holidays,  as my oldest son said “ the weather should stay like that until December!” and I agree with him!

What I neglected though, was my sewing machine….Oh my, a thin layer of dust?!!LOL! Just kidding, but it was really a break, “Spring fever” caught me!

Now I’m slowly catching up with sewing and blogging, new ideas have sprouted and I want to get started before they fade away, not to mention the projects to get finished!

First I would like to show what these two lovely, dear friends sent me to my birthday:




Melanie wrapped the gifts  so pretty!

I love the pink flowers, I think I will sew them to pouches and bags!




Look what I found inside:



The flowers have a wonderful smell and the chocolate, hmmm! It is a sort I have never seen here and to me it is very special!




And I love this beautiful book mark with a lovely stitchery! The tiny pink flower button is so cute!


Thank you so much Melanie! That was a lovely treat and a nice surprise, you are a very dear, sweet friend!

A couple of days later I got another parcel, from the friendly Ulla and I felt very spoiled!…

2009_0411blog-photos0010 2009_0411blog-photos0013


I like these stamps so much, they have such bright colors! She also wrapped everything in a nice and neat way (thanks for the ideas girls!) and, again, I was touched by their friendship:


I love the hexagon coasters in blue and with linen. The tea sorts are great! Don’t you love tea mixtures named “Faithful Friend” or “Cherry Rainy Day”? And there was a very traditional Finnish Chocolate Egg, called Mignon, it is produced by pouring a fine almond and nut nougat filling into a real egg shell, it tastes delicious!



See the Moose key ring? That was for my DH!

Thank you so much Ulla, it was a great parcel!




Needless to say how happy I was with all these beautiful gifts!

The ideas of what I could sew as their birthday gifts kept coming so I started right away.

It is always a pleasure for me to sew for my friends and I try to find items in their colors and styles hoping they will like them. I sent this to Melanie:

image image


I felt inspired by her Quilt Group called “Cup Cake Quilters”. I made a little bag, a broche and some coasters, and chocolate for her and her children. And the idea for the colors came from her kitchen!

This was my parcel to Ulla:



I made a pouch with linen and roses fabric, some knitted potholders, a couple of little chicks, a linen tote and chocolate, too!

And I’m happy they liked the gifts!

I bought many different fabrics with “Desserts”, some I used for Melanie’s gifts and they al look so yummi that I ended up sewing a little pouch for myself. These cup cakes look so sweet in pink!


And because a girl never has enough pouches and bags….I made another one, this time  in blue!


The fabric here is with ice creams and ice cones, how could I resist?….

But then, there was something missing…Something not only for the eyes!

Yes, real cup cakes!!!  Lemon-Yoghurt with lemon icing, hmmmm!

2009_0411blog-photos0026 2009_0411blog-photos0029

It has been a very Sweet Easter!

I’m working on other projects and still trying to finish my BOMs, I’m quite behind…

Always SEW much to do!

I wish you lovely sewing hours and a blessed weekend!




signature Suzie

Saturday, April 11, 2009



We are having such a wonderful weather!

Blue sky, green grass, beautiful flowers and the sun is shining! We just have to enjoy every single minute outdoors!

I’ll be back soon!

Wishing all of you a Happy and Sunny Easter with delightful treats!


signature Suzie