Two more swaps

Hi there!

When it rains, it pours, right?!

I’ve got two other lovely packages! :-)))

Yesterday came a parcel from the lovely Katherine.  We had a private Matryoshka Doll’s Swap. She chose two from the ones I had and I chose two from hers,  you can see them here. Then she surprised me with a pretty little bag with wonderful goodies inside! A lovely needle holder, buttons, a tape measure, stitching thread and delicious chocolate! I’m so happy that we did this swap!




Please meet “Big Sis” and “Little Sis”!

The sweetest dolls ever!








Here are the precious goodies! Can you see a happy smile on my face?








Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts,  Katherine!





My dolls are happy, too! Now they have two lovely new friends from Canada! They have been talking and giggling, I wonder what secrets they are sharing with each other!




But that’s not all folks!

I also had a private Swap with Mette! We agreed on a Little Quilt Swap and look what I got on the mail today:




Everything is so nice! More lovely goodies! I do feel spoiled!…But happy!








Isn’t it a darling Little Quilt? And in blue, my favorite color!

I love it, Mette! You did everything so well! Tusind tak!


Here is a picture of the Little Quilt I made for her:

2009_0311blog-photos0033We both got inspired from Doll Quilts books!

I’m keeping all the wonderful gifts in the living room, it feels so nice to see the handmade items from my dear friends! Every single present reminds me of you, of your work and the hours you have spent making them,  of your kindness and friendship.

I thank each of you dearly!

These were the last swaps… I had a lot of fun and delightful surprises with all of them!  The next swaps will come for sure, but now I’ll take the time to finish  (and start! )   some projects! ;-)))

I’ll show you the blocks I’m working on very soon!


signature Suzie


Katherine said…
So happy to see the dolls happily settled in to their new home. ;o)

Thank you for a wonderful swap, Suzie!
Christy said…
You have the cutest swaps! And your babushka dolls, sooo gorgeous!!!
Stina said…
Oh...I sure can see your happy smile... :o)
Wonderful swap you made with both !!
Carrie P. said…
Great gifts from your swaps. Love the little dolls.
Simone de Klerk said…
Such lovely swaps for you, Suzie. I bet they make you smile (((O:
nicolette said…
Lovely swaps Suzie!

Katherine’s dolls are the cutest! They match wonderful with yours!
Such wonderful gifts. The dolls are adorable and the mini quilt is just the best. Minis are my favorite!
Annie said…
I can see why you are smiling - what LOVELY swaps. Lucky you!
Ulla said…
What lovely swaps you made! The dolls are so cute and seem to play nicely together, and your new mini quilt is so pretty.
Gina said…
What great gifts

Love and hugs Gina xxx
Eileen said…
I do the same thing. I keep my presents right in my computer room with me for quite a while so I can admire them and think about the people who sent them. :-)
Some very lovely swap treasures there.. thank you for sharing them with us!
Annemariesquilt said…
Lovely gifts you have got. The babuska is adorabel and the little quilt is cute.
Yes I agree with you , back to do of my own projects...
Have a great day, I am because I am attending a quiltclass today, lol
What lovely swaps you have received!
Sandi said…
Wonderful swap gifts, I can see you smiling :) So nice to have blogger friends. It is always exciting when a parcel arrives.
Stephanie said…
Darling dolls and cute little quilt. What fun private swaps!
Cindy said…
Oh Suzie, those little Matryoshka Dolls are just darling. Are the faces difficult to do? I would love to do a 'set' of these for our granddaughter.

You received such a wonderful swap - so considerate and so nice.

The Little Quilt is so cute. I just love Little Quilts and this one is so cute.

You're a lucky girl!
Anonymous said…
Hello Suzie, love the pics of what you received in your swaps.Especially liked the little blue quilt. Regards Lyn
Guðrún said…
I can see your smile all the way to Iceland.
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie what lovely swap gifts! The dolls look happy to meet. :-)

The blue and white pieced work is so beautiful.

I know what you mean about having a good place surrounded with friend's handiwork. :-) Gradually my craftroom is turning into an inspiring place filled with friends who aren't there in person. Oh rats now I am sounding daft. I hope you know what I mean. I've not started talking to the walls ...yet honest! LOL
Anne Ida said…
What cute dolls! And looks like you and Mette had a great mini swap! Love both your quilts! I can see that happy smile of yours :o)

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