I got something finished!

Hi there!

Another project for OPAM is finished!!!

In the nick of time I confess, but it is done and that is nice!

I liked the pattern and how it turned out, but with all the seams it would be a pain in the neck to hand quilt so I let the little quilt “rest” for a while…



But it deserved to be finished and a good solution would be to machine quilt it. I quilted in the ditch, which I don’t like at all,  I prefer to quilt where I can see the stitches and the quilting motif.

In this case, I’m glad I’m done! I think it looks nice and now I can hand quilt the other little ones, they have less seams!


I got some pretty gifts for my birthday last week, it was a very nice day with a tasty cake!


My DH surprised me with some wonderful gifts - sometimes he pays more attention than I think he usually does!

I told him about the lovely Tea for One Set and this is the one he chose for me:



I love it! And I think a new passion has taken hold, I want to start a collection!!! Nuts, right?…

Well, talking about collection…I was happy to welcome a new sweet member to the toys sewing machine bunch:


It came in its original package with the instructions and it works!


2009_0330blog-photos0045 2009_0330blog-photos0046

And because I also love miniatures he found these ones:

2009_0330blog-photos0050 2009_0330blog-photos0052

I was thrilled with such tiny darling things! He spoiled me once more I must say, everything was so especial, I was (am!) so happy!

From my best friend I got a lovely book:


The projects combine cross stitch with patchwork:

2009_0330blog-photos0022 2009_0330blog-photos0021

Oh boy,  I was so lucky that I also got another book from this author:


The projects are for Spring and Summer and in different pretty combinations like red and white, blues and greens. It makes hard to decide what to sew first!

2009_0330blog-photos0032 2009_0330blog-photos0030 2009_0330blog-photos0031

I am fortunate to have such a wonderful partner at my side, a lovely family and caring friends. They are the greatest gifts of all!  And I’m thankful to have met so many dear friends in Blogland, who also made this day a unique one!

The weather has been so nice since yesterday! It is warmer and the sun is shining, it feels really good! Now I can finally say that Spring has sprung! Hopefully it will stay like that during the next week, the Easter Bunnies don’t like rain either!

Wishing each of you a lovely, sunny and creative week!

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nicolette said…
Such a happy post Suzie! Love all the miniatures... the quilts and the machines. Very very sweet!!

The sun is shining here as well. It feels good, really good!
Eileen said…
Your star quilt turned out so pretty. I love quilts with white.

And your tiny sewing machine! SO CUTE. Ok.. I must have missed your toy sewing machine collection. I'll have to go back and see if you ever talked about them before.
Mr Busy Bee is a keeper. :-)
Christy said…
Wow suzie! Such lovely birthday presents! That miniature sewing machine is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. :)
Love your miniature quilt Suzie!! I have made that one as well - such a gorgeous design.
Stephanie said…
Cute mini quilt and I love the hanger. Lots of lovely birthday goodies. Oh those books look fantastic. Wondering if I can find them in the US. I'll have to look on Amazon. Of course, I love your little teapot.
Ulla said…
Lovely birthday presents! They are even more valuable because he chose them for you remembering what you like. The book looks very nice, too.
Your little quilt is so sweet.
Cindy said…
Had no idea you had a special day so here's wishing you a Happy Birthday - and more special moments like the ones your hubby treated with.

Your Little Quilt is darling. And so are the minis you received. The little sewing machine is too cute.
Annette said…
Happy birthday! Your little quilt is so sweet. What size is it? And your quilting looks great.
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie, well done for finishing your star quilt. It looks so pretty having the plain background makes the stars stand out really well.

Awww tiny tiny machine! What a great little working machine too.

Enjoy your tea for one. :-) He sounds like a very special chap.
Stina said…
I love your new little teapot... saw one with roses here one day.. and I forgot to go back and buy it and now it was sold out...typical..:o(
The books you got looks so lovely... will be fun to see what you will make from them...
The quilt looks gorgeous... :o)
Karen said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen said…
Wow! Your star quilt came out great. I like the quilt hanger. They look perfect together.
You must have a very special DH. You have recieved some wonderful gifts. I love your tea set. So cute!
Guðrún said…
How "big" is the little quilt? You got so many great things.
Sandi said…
Hi Suzie,
Your little quilt is so cute! Lots of lovely birthday presents you have received. I have a little teapot like that (mine has a garden theme).
Julie said…
You are very lucky! I love the miniatures and the toy sewing machine.
Anonymous said…
I love your quilt it is so nice. I found recently my little sewing machine. What a nice birthday presents you got, enjoy them.
Zlaty said…
Happy B-day Suzie!

Love your finished quilt! What is OPAM?

Great miniatures! How sweet of your hubby to remember you like tea pots! Very bright and cheerful!

Happy Birthday Suzie!

Carrie P. said…
Your quilt is lovely. And such nice birthday gifts you received.
Beautiful quilt. It looks so stunning hanging from your quilt hanger. And I love your little sewing machine. It is all very cute. Hope you enjoy all of your special presents.


Annemariesquilt said…
Lovely miniatures quilt you have made, the stars is so bright and clear with the white behind.
Your new tea for one set is adorable and I realy love your other gifts too...
Simone de Klerk said…
Such a beautiful quilt and what lovely presents you got!!!
Anne Ida said…
Sigh... I think I'm in love with that darling little quilt of yours! It's sooo pretty! And you made a good decision machine quilting it – you have a FINISH!! And a little quilt you get to enjoy!

Ehhrm… a very belated happy birthday to you!!!! Your pressies are lovely, no wonder you are happy! I love those tea for one sets; I have two of them – one with a black dog, and one very romantic in pink with roses on it, and I have seen so many I would have loved to have in the shops – so don’t blame you for wanting to start a collection!

Hugs and stitches
Carole said…
Happy Birthday Suzie ! I hope I'm not too late, but things have been real crazy here ( not in a too pleasant way...) I love the books, they look so fresh and inspiring !
Katherine said…
Oh, so glad to hear that you had a lovely birthday, Suzie. How sweet is your husband? What wonderful gifts!

The sun is shining here today and it's finally feeling warm enough to be called Spring. Yay!
Jantine said…
I do love the little quilt a lot! And for this one the in the ditch quilting suits it!
Love the star quilt, it reminds me something that my mom has done in the past! :) Sehr schoen.

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