A passion for pincushions

Hi there!

today I can show you a little private Pincushion Swap with Marie-Jozé . I sent her the Heart Pincushion/Needle-holder and yesterday I got this little cutie :


Isn’t it sweet? I love this little sheep! A lovely one to my collection! :-)))) Thanks Marie-Jozé!

Here is the one she got from me:


For the One Project a Month I wanted to sew some more pincushions and what I had in mind was Cup Cakes. First I tried the pattern from Cindy Taylor Oates :


A little yoyo and a twisted ribbon as embellishment is a neat idea, she also suggests a ribbon flower, but that is something hard to find around here.

Then I made one from Tonne Finnanger’s pattern in her book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle:

2009_0225blog-photos0013 2009_0225blog-photos0014

It is suggested to sew berries on top, but I didn’t have that either, so I made another yoyo and I think it looks just as nice!

I also wanted to try this pattern:


It is in the magazine Handmade 25/11. But I won’t get it done this week  due to some appointments…I hope the two Cup Cakes pincushions are all right as my projects for February!

About my passion for little/miniature quilts…

It seems like I just can’t stop sewing them at the moment! Yes, I made another little top! If you ask me when, well,  I’d say “while you were sleeping”!!! These little doll quilts and wall hangings make me so happy!


I wish you a lot of time to spend in your sewing rooms so you can give your sewing machines the love and attention they  need! ;-)))

Until next time!


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Annemariesquilt said…
Lovely pincousion swap you have done. The cow is so adorable.
I must say that you are impressing with you little small thing making. I have a lot to learn from you!
How big are the pieces in yout nine patch, just wondering.
Take care and have more fun..
Christy said…
Eeek! Baaa baa blacksheep pincushion is so cutie!! Your cupcakes are adorable too!
I love the cow and the muffins:-))
Have a nice and a creative week
Karen said…
Hi Suzie!
The pincushion swap sounded like it was a lot of fun. I like the sheep, he will make a nice new addition to your collection! You have such neat ideas. I am sure your swap friend loved her heart.The cupcakes are really so sweet and cute. Yummy enough to eat! I like your "sewing bear"! How cute. I have not figured out how to put fun things onto my blog as of yet. Happy Quilting! :0)Karen
Cindy said…
Too cute, precious pincushions. Oh, how I love these. I recently bought the Cindy Taylor Oates Cupcake pincushion. You've given me inspiration to make one now.

The sheep one you just got in your swap is adorable. Great imagination to its creator.

And, your little quilt is cute as can be. You're such a creative person. I love your things.

Ulla said…
You have the sweetest pincushions! I admire the precision in your tiny quilt projects.
Your wish for us was the best I could hope. Unfortunately I will be packing and ironing instead, but luckily it is for a little holiday in Munich.
Anonymous said…
What sweet cup cake pin cushions. I love your little black sheep one- it's like in the nursery rhyme. :-) I'm sure your swapee loved your heart.

What a pretty wallhanging mini quilt. The fabrics are just the right tone with one another.
Stina said…
I love your pincushions... they are so cute!! And another little mini quilt...:o) wonderful...!!
nicolette said…
Love to see all those different pin-cushions1! The black sheep is adorable!
Stephanie said…
Wonderful pincushions...ALL of them! The sheep is so darling. Another great little quilt...such a quick reward and so cute.
2ne said…
Great pincushions you have made. Just the fantasy of it :-)
Love your cupcake pincushion collection! Your sheep pincushion is most original.
Hi Suzie,
I love your pincushions...what a great swap. I also love, love your mini quilt. I love making them too. It's a great way to use up little pieces.
Jeanne said…
Those 'cupcakes' are so cute and I love your little doll quilt. Nice work.
Carrie P. said…
Love all the pin cushion but I have to admit I really like the sheep.
Simone de Klerk said…
All those pincushions look very pretty! I love the cu cakes you made!

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