I’ve sewn so much but have not much to show!

That is true, although I have finished all the projects for some swaps, I am not supposed to show them because they are all secrets!…After setting the doubts aside (Have I made enough? … Are the projects right for this swap?…And so on and so on, I think you know what I mean!...) I really got carried away and had a lot of fun finishing the last stitches,  adding some embellishments and looking for the extra goodies to send to my partners.  I also sent a little parcel to Robyn (Australia) with Hexagons of Hope, I hope the they will arrive soon.

But I took some pictures and when it is not a secret anymore I will show you what I made, it is a promise.

I got a very nice parcel from Nicolette this week! She surprised me sending some lovely gifts. That made me so happy!


I love the basket with blue fabrics! Look at the little bee, isn’t it sweet? And the fabrics are great, with bee motifs! I’ve got to think of something special to use them!


Thank you so much Nicolette!


One of my favorite magazines came last week! Marie Claire is always so full of wonderful pictures and ideas,  I just have to show you some of them:






It is a funny idea for knitters and ideal for my children, a lot of vegetables that they don’t have to eat!





For the “apronists” there are some pretty neat ideas:













I like this one here, it looks so funny and original too! It is on my list now!….





In case you like button wholes, with this project you will have a lot of fun! Linen and red embellishments is a beautiful combination:










Only one more week and February is gone!!!….

Time shows no mercy, it does not matter whether I was able to finish what was on my list or not,  March is just around the corner!

During the weekend I’ll get  a little project done for the OPAM and I hope my second BOM.

It is Carnival and the parades in Cologne,  Mainz and Düsseldorf are taking place on the streets. I don’t live near these cities so I can only see the parades on TV.  I am not much of a fan, but a little sneak peak of it is ok! When the kids were younger and they had their parties ( like Mardi Gras) at Kindergarden and schools, I used to sew the clothes for them, they were magicians, clowns, Star Wars, Asterix, it was a nice time!

So I finish this post with the Carnival greetings:

ALAAF! (Cologne)

HELAU! (Mainz, Düsseldorf)

I wish you a lovely weekend!









Deb said…
Suzy, what a lovely parcel of goodies fron Nicolette. I am a bit like you alos having trouble being unable to post pics bevause if swap secrets.
Ulla said…
The bee fabrics are so cute! You will find a perfect use for them, I'm sure.
Your magazine seems like a great source of inspiration. If only we had all the energy and the time to make all the things we find so great!
Stina said…
Perfect little bee fabric for a busy little bee..:o)
Cant wait until you can show what you have made..:o)
Annemariesquilt said…
Have a nice weekend yourself Suzie. I do not have too much to show either due to the tea swap and not telling..
Annemariesquilt said…
Take a look at this blogg: http://www.modabakeshop.com/
Can't wait to see all your secret swap goodies (we have been working on that too this week!) The Marie Claire Idee's looks lovely -thanks for sharing the pics. I am thinking of subscribing to it but could not find the link for overseas subscriptions. Do you read French? Does the magazine give a link for subscriptions? ANy info would be appreciated.
Anne-Mette said…
I know exactly what you mean ;-)...right now I am at the point "Is it allright what I have made?..What is my swap partner expecting?...." I try to tell myself - I like, what I have sewn, I have done my best....anyway, I am looking forward swapping - I just need a little sewing this weekend...
Have a nice weekend.
RachelJane said…
Hello Suzie,
I was just on Kim's bitty bits and pieces blog and she showcased all the little bags she had made (as you know), so I headed on over to your blog to have a look at the tutorial. LOVE IT! I'm adding you to my list ☺
Cindy said…
I came to your blog via Kim's Bitty Bits and Pieces. What a darling blog you have, Suzy, too cute. I will back regularly. I'm an apron person - never can have too many. Who doesn't love to get an apron as a gift? If you go to my blog, you'll see two I just finished to put back as Christmas gifts.

I'm "sew" glad I've run across you. Hope it's all right to visit on a regular basis. I have added myself to your followers.
Catherine said…
An entertaining post Suzie...lots of fun to read about! I love thise knitted vegies...very cute! HAve a great week!! Cathyx
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie- I'm bursting with curiosity with the Tea Swap too! :-)

What a lovely present- so thoughtful. Can't wait to see what you make from the bees.

That cup cake apron is so sweet! Since joining the Cup Cake Quilters I am noticing cup cake themed things more.

Lovely idea to get children used to vegetables very young. When they are older they often wont try something if it looks too different. I have an apple pattern if I haven't already given it to you?
Karen said…
Hi Suzie!
I can't wait to see what your project swaps are, and how the actual swap goes! Is this for a quilt bee you are a member of? or some other sort of group? It sounds like fun whatever it is.
I always enjoy recieving "Surprise Packages" in the mail! The bee fabrics look especially cute! Karen
Stephanie said…
Love the red bag! And such pretty aprons...I'm not an apron maker, yet! I'd wear the pretty ones around the house!

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