And the winner is.....

Hi there!
Today is the day to pick up the winner!
I thank all of you who entered, it was nice reading about your first Valentine's gift!
I printed the names, cut, folded each one carefully and

had my problems holding the camera and picking a name at the same time!!!!
But it worked!
And the winner is

Congratulations, I hope you will enjoy your parcel!
Please send me an eMail with your address, the giveaway will soon be on its way to you!

On Sunday we celebrated another birthday, DS2 got older!!!
I baked his favorite cake and some sweeties, "the same procedure as every year"!
We had a nice breakfast together, with croissants (he loves it) and his presents. His friends came in the afternoon and they had their fun! It was a nice day, even the sun came out for a while!
......Why do they have to grow up that fast?........

Can you see a happy smile on my face?
One of the little quilts is done :-))))
I'm having so much fun sewing and quilting them!

There are so many big quilts I would love to make, but since I won't be able to achieve this goal in a lifetime LOL!!! it sounds like a good idea to me to make the small versions!

The handquilting is coming along quite nicely, I thought the pinwheels should give an impression of movement so I'm quilting kind of swirls:

Ready for another cup of tea and some more sewing and quilting?
Join me! We can chat and laugh and in a jiffy we will have our handiwork finished!
Wouldn't that be nice?
Happy quilting!


Hi Suzie,
I just love all your mini quilts. I too love to make small quilts (baby, throw or wall hangings). I've made larger quilts, but the satisfaction is much quicker with a mini. I love you hand quilting too...just beautiful!
Stephanie said…
Congratulations to Ravenhill! I think making little versions of quilts is a great idea and not so daunting, and probably more fun. Love how you're hand quilting the pinwheel quilt.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Ravenhill. Your hand quilting is great
nicolette said…
Congratulations to the winner!

I love your mini quilts!!! Love them! Your quiltins is so amazingly beautiful!
Jeanne said…
Another wonderful little quilt! I love how you quilted it. Nice finish.
Simone de Klerk said…
I love your little quilt and the hand quilting is very nicely done!
Guðrún said…
Beautiful quilting.
Annemariesquilt said…
Hi Suzie.. Your handquilting are so beautiful and I agree with you on making small quilts too..
Congrats on your winner, lucky girl!
Well done ravenhill! Love your mini quilts - I went through a mini quilt stage a few years ago - great way to try new techniques. Your hand quilting is lovely.
Julie said…
Congrats to Ravenhill.
Same Procedure as Every Year? I now know what that means. LOL.
Ulla said…
Mini quilts are such a nice way to try new patterns, or to use some rare fabrics. Your hand quilting is so perfect, and the swirls really make the pinwheels move.
Anne Ida said…
Hi, Suzie!

Belated happy b-day to your DS!

Congratulations on finishing one of your mini quilts - that was quick! And it is absolutely fabulous! No wonder there is a smile on your face.

I love the way you are quilting your pinwheel quilt. It really gives it a lot of movement. I'm sure this will end up being a favorite :o)

Congratulations to Emily/Ravenhill on winning the draw!

Hugs and stitches
Eileen said…
I love your hand quilting.. you are doing a beautiful job.

Congratulations to Emily!
Carrie P. said…
Small is very good. Your quilting stitches are perfect! Congrats to Ravenhill.

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