A giveaway, awards and my first One Project a Month!

Kim, from Bitty Bits and Pieces is having a great giveaway!
When you visit her, please tell her I sent you!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it is inspiring many people!

Anne Marie gave me this lovely award, she is always so friendly and kind!
Thank you so much, dear friend!
I give it to these friendly, creative people:


And there is one more award!

It goes to these lovely people:

Anne Marie

January is about to say good bye ( oh my, I can't believe it!....), but I'm not late for the One Project a Month Challenge!
My wallhanging is finished :-)))))
I finished the quilting, sewed the binding and then I washed it.
Now it is hanging on the wall and I am happy!
The picture is not that good, it is the absence of light during the winter days ....

For February? Hmmm, I think I have to take a closer look at all the other projects I have around here. I admit I have quite some PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks), I sort the fabrics out and pack them with the pattern so it is ready to get started. Are you curious to know how many I have in my sewing room?! I have never counted them.... chuckle!!!!! It is always a good surprise to find something I bought a long while ago and realize, oh gosh, here is the fabric I was sure I still had a piece!!!

Ok, tomorrow is Friday, let's make the best of it and give our sewing machines a lot of care and attention!
Have a creative and wonderful weekend!
See you!


Stephanie said…
Thank you Suzie!!!

Beautiful quilt above your little sewing machines. So happy. I'm not sure I want to know how many PIGS I have.
Ulla said…
Thank you for the award, Suzie! I had never before heard the term PIGS, it's hilarious and I have lots of them!
Annemariesquilt said…
Thank you , thank you Suzie...
I realy love your new quilt and adores your small sewingmachines underneth..
Have a great weekend!
Annemariesquilt said…
PIGS, he he sorry I have no idea, some I guess. I have never heard this word but it fits quite well it purpose.
I have 3 or 4 myself!
Guðrún said…
The quilt is beautiful and also the two that are underneath it.
Stina said…
Oh...thankyou... :o)
So sweet of you... and you made the wallhanging finished... and it is beautiful...love it... well done!!! :o)
Oh thanks for the award....
Sandi said…
Suzie, your little quilt wallhanging is just beautiful, it looks wonderful there on the wall. Thankyou for the lovely award too. Oh I hadn't heard of PIGS before, but yes, I have a few of those also :)
Thanks for the award Suzie! Love your wall hanging - it is the perfect backdrop for your sewing machine collection. Have a great weekend!
sebastian_09 said…
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Gina said…
Love the little wall hanging. thank you for the award

love and hugs Gina xxx
Christy A. said…
Hi Suzie! Thank you for your award! You're a sweetie. xx
Ellen said…
Hello Suzie,

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

I love your work!!

Have a nice day,

nicolette said…
Thank you Suzie!!

I don’t have PIGS but PIB’s, Projects In Boxes! And you don’t want to know how many, nor do I!!

Lovely wall-hanging!!

Happy weekend!
Hi Suzie,
Congratulations on the award. I love the quilt you finished for January and I also love the "pigs", such a great name for them!!
Barbara said…
Your little quilt is beautiful. I think I will try spending some time making something similar. Thank you for the inspiration. Also, back in Dec you showed a picture of a moose that you had made for your husband called Piet. Would you happen to remember what the name & designer of the pattern might be? I just love that moose. Thank you
Patsy said…
Great wall hanging. Congratulations on you awards.
Katherine said…
Thank you, Suzie!

I burst out laughing when I read about your PIGS - too funny!

Love your project of the month. It's just lovely.
Eileen said…
I really like your Double Four Patch wall hanging. Someday I am going to make this pattern too.. I keep being drawn to it.
Thank you so much Suzie for the PRETTY award! I don't have this one, and will proudly display it on my sidebar. You are a dear.
And YES.. there are a lot of PIGS around here too. You are so funny!
Fiesta said…
Suzie I love your wall hanging.
Do you sell your knitted dish cloths?
I just love those.
Sheri Howard said…
Cute blog, I came over from Stephanie. I can't believe how many of you ladies are doing a project a month...I take my hat off to you...keep up the good work...and keep sewing!
Ravenhill said…
congratulations on your award! And thank you for the link to the give away, although I am so sad because I think I was too late!
Happy weekend!
Louann said…
I love the wall hanging and a perfect spot to put it with those lovely sewing machines. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie, thank you very much for the award and congratulations for receiving them.

Well done for finishing your wall hanging. I hope you enjoy what you pick for February's project.
Christine said…
Thank you for the award, Suzie. Also congratulations for the ones you received yourself.
Your wallhanging looks terrific. I am rather envious of the sewing machines in the same picture. Lucky you.
Back in the Day said…
I love the sewing machines and the quilt hanging above them is gorgeous!
Carole said…
Hi Suzie,
Hey, I'm back again, but not for long ! I'm dropping by now that I can (yes, still those big computer problems) and I'm green with envy seeing that you finished a wallhanging... but well, I did my best and I made some progress on various little things. Plus my sewing corner is now organised and tidy. Which is more motivating ! And the holidays are coming up soon. Well, these are reasons enough to stay positive !
I'll be back as soon as I can, take care !
Anne Ida said…
Oh, congratulations on finishing the wall hanging! It is absolutely wonderful!! You do such lovely work!

Love those little quilts you have on display with the sewing machines as well!

Hugs and stitches from me

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