First BOM finished

Hi there!
Time is flying again, isn't it?
There are some birthdays to be celebrated in the next months and I hope to get some of the gifts done in time and not in the nick of time!
But I had to get my first BOM finished! This little fellow is so sweet, I am anxiously looking for the next block!

I made two little gifts for a very nice friend, Nicolette, the most lovely "flying cow" I ever met!
Now that she has got them, I can show you some pictures.
This is a little pouch with her favorite motif and then I just added some stitchery:

That is how it looks from the inside:

A needle book:

The inside was a funny idea! I'm so glad she liked them!

When I was about to sew the binding to the wallhanging, I had to set it aside and give it a little rest. DS2 got a very bad cold, he had fever during the weekend. Now a terrible cough does not give him a moment of peace, my poor boy, I am so sorry for him...This kind of cold has been going around here, my neighbors, a friend, some other teachers...It is not that cold anymore, the snow is gone, but the infection is still running free!...

Wishing each of you a lovely, creative week, without a cold!


Gina said…
the BOM block is really cute.
I love the cow goodies, where did the patterns come from?

Love and hugs Gina xxx
Lovely cow fabrics:-)
Have a nice and creative week.
It`s cold her = nice sewing weather:-))
Guðrún said…
I hope your son is getting better. I love these gifts you made.
nicolette said…
The BOM block is wonderful!

I sure love your cow gifts! I took them with me to the quiltclub and my friends were all jealous!! Love the photos you made, mine did not do your gifts justice!

I hope your son will be on the mend very soon!!
Simone de Klerk said…
Your BOM looks great! And the cow items ... gorgeous! Love your solution for the needle holder (O: Hope your son is already feeling better!
tirane93 said…
how UDDERLY precious! very nice work on a really cute project!
Stina said…
Love your block...hmmm really need to start picking out some fabrics for the block... and I love the cow needlecase...:o)
Christine said…
Your cow gifts are fabulous. Cute snowman block ... must get in and do mine.
Ulla said…
The snowman block is very cute! The cow things are so funny, but it hurts to think your friend will place her pins right there, in the lovely pink!
I hope your son is feeling better. It would be good for people and bad for the flu bugs to have a temperature below -10 C for a while!
Back in the Day said…
Love the gift! It is adorable!
Annette said…
Your snowman turned out cute. I like your fabrics. And I love the cow bag and such. So fun!!
Anonymous said…
Hugs Suzie, it almost sounds like you could do with another cold snap to kill off the fever bug. Poor son.

Lovely work on the BOM with the cute buttons too.

LOl the udders on the needlebook! Wonderful! great workwomanship.
Stephanie said…
How absolutely CUTE! Love the udders. I love your BOM...I enjoying seeing all the different ones of the blogs. Lots of very creative people.
Deb said…
BOM looks great and what cutie cows.
Such lovely work Suzie.
Christy A. said…
Hi Suzie! These gifts are so beauitufully made. Well done.
periwinkle said…
from moo to yoo is so funny -- great cow
lisa x
Sandi said…
Your snowman BOM is so cute! Oh, the cows I love very much. The udder needlebook made me laugh, it is so funny...he....he.
Hope your son is feeling better.
Catherine said…
Oh Suzie, I hope your son is feeling better. The Cow Craft is so cute...Lucky friend. Cathy
Katherine said…
Your BOM is lovely, Suzie.

I love the gifts you made for Nicolette. The needlebook is too clever - how creative you are!

Hope your son is feeling better and that you stay healthy.
OH I love the the cow items!!! The needle case is udderly delightful (couldn't resist).

Like everyone else I love these cow gifts. How clever. The udder is hilarious. You have so many beautiful projects on here

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