Can you hear the whispers?

Remember the Pin Wheels Quilt top I finished last year?
It was patiently waiting for the basting, but every now and then I heard a whisper coming from the drawer, "...what about quilting during these cold days?...", " stitch at a time..". Or sometimes, just a sigh "...ahhh..."
I couldn't ignore it anymore!
No more excuses, I washed and ironed the backing, measured the batting and got the livingroom free and prepared for this hard task.
After some hours I was done with the basting! :-)))
But my knees.....And my back, they can tell you another story!!!

Despite that (who needs a massage?!....) I am happy it is now ready for handquilting!

After looking through some Doll Quilts books I had to go to my boxes of scraps and start new ones! These little quilts are an addiction, I can use my leftovers, they are fast to sew and to quilt, they always give a cozy feeling. I can't have enough of them! Can you?

This one with Nine patches and the Friendship Stars is from an old book. I just had to make it!

Like many of you I also find the winter evenings the perfect time to sit down and knit (come to think of it, I guess that is the reason why the quil top got a bit jealous!...Winter and no quilting?! Only knitting?:-((((((....).
During the first weeks of January when it was quite cold and snow was everywhere, I picked my knitting needles and some yarn and started knitting these dish cloths. They can be knitted fast and mine are already in use! But I can show you these ones here, they are neat!

Knitting and sewing and trying to get a lot of handiwork done to my heart's content is a wonderful thing! But something that I really like to do seems to have got lost on the way...I haven't baked bread for weeks!
I bought this bread at the bakery, I liked the snow crystal on it! I guess the baker had his fun doing something different!

Now it is time for some more happy stitches!
Wishing each of you a lovely week, full of handiwork and joy!


Ulla said…
Your pinwheel quilt is SO beautiful! I just love all the fabrics you have used in it. I'm looking forward to seeing it being stitched. The doll quilts are adorable!
nicolette said…
Gorgeous quilt Suzie! These days are perfect for handstichting and -quilting!

Love your doll-quilts!
Stephanie said…
You've been very productive. I love the idea of using scraps to make doll quilts. Great pinwheel quilt.
Annemariesquilt said…
Wow lovely quilts here today. Your pinwheel quilt is so great and your little doll quilt are so awesome..
There is an award to you on my blogg!
Guðrún said…
I love your doll quilts.
Christine said…
I love your doll quilts too. Have fun quilting the pinwheels.
Christy A. said…
Your pinwheel quilt is mightily beautiful. You are an amazing quilter and artist. :)
Gina said…
Love all the quilts. the 9 patch/friendship star quiltlet has to be my favourite though.

Have fun withthe hand quilting.

Love and hugs Gina xxx
Ravenhill said…
I lvoe this pinwheel quilt! How wonderfully beautiful!
Stina said…
So many wonderful quilts and I especially love the little quilts.. they are addictive!! :o)
Sandi said…
The pinwheels quilt is just lovely, Suzie.
I love the little quilts too, so cute!
The bread looks really nice, it's a shame to have to cut it.
Anonymous said…
Oh my that bread is lovely! Warm bread on a cold day is bliss.

Well done for all your hard basting work. My back and knees the same after I've crawled on the floor for a while. Just how do babies manage? Your quilt is fantastic- I am glad you will finish it- the rich colours are so beautiful together.

Your little quilts are so sweet too. You have a real gift for putting the right fabrics in the right place.
periwinkle said…
all your quilts are so gorgeous -- February is going to be my month to finish Milos quilt , fingers crossed
lisa x
Anonymous said…
Hello Suzie, love your miniature quilts especially the colours you have used.Your pinwheel quilt is beautiful. Regards Lyn
Katherine said…
Wow! You have been busy, Suzie. It's good to see your projects - both in quilting and knitting. Winter is such a wonderful season for handiwork, isn't it?

Gorgeous, gorgeous quilts! Your fabric choices are just lovely. I admire you for handquilting - such patience.
Annie said…
Lovely Quilt - listen to those messages
Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm so glad I did, your blog is wonderful and I'm adding it to my favorites. Your quilts are just beautiful!!!
angtoyou said…
Your pinwheel quilt is absolutely gorgeous! The doll quilts are beautiful too.
Anne Ida said…
You pinwheel quilt is so gorgeous, and it is one of those projects who will tell you "I deserve to be finished" :o) Well done getting it basted! And hope you'll get it quilted soon!

Love those little doll quilts - you do them so well! You must have quite the collection ;o)

Hugs and stitches

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