Sunday, August 31, 2008

No quilting...But what a beautiful day!

Yesterday we just heard there would be a quilt event outdoors. We all crossed ours fingers for a real good weather like they forecasted and it was great! It was sunny, just perfect to hang the quilts outside!
We took the train and there we went to Hannover!
These are some of the pictures:

I like the colours of this wall hanging:

So many baby blocks!

I love this one, blues and greens:

The little log cabins were lovely:

A lot of batics:

Also one of my favorites:

More blues and greens:

I like these houses, too:

More blues! ( whatelse?!)

After walking, admiring, talking to so many kind quilters and taking a lot of pictures, we started our way back home.
Instead of a Bratwurst, we had some delicious ice cream!

We stopped to listen to them, it was quite nice!

They also had good music:

We had no idea why some people were wearing these clothes, but they sure got a lot of attention!

Some more fine dressed people:

Time to go home!
No quilting at all for me, but I really enjoyed this day!
I'm so glad my friend decided to come along! She and I had a nice time!

Until next time!
Have a lovely week!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Project for the weekend

Today I finally got the fabric for the back!
It is now time to tame the "beast"!!!
Ready, steady, quilt!!!

Don't you like this saying : " to quilt is human; to finish , divine!" ?
I always have a nice feeling when I finish a quilt! So I'll be quilting during the weekend to get this feeling again!

There is a beautiful Autumn wall hanging in this magazine.
I'm looking for the fabrics and if everything runs fine, I'll probably start a project next week.
Then I'll give you a little sneak peak of it!

I think I'll use these fabrics for the Stitcher's Angel swap. The person I got is so sweet, I like her blog!
I can't wait until next Monday to see May Britt's project!
My "Angel" sent me an Email and that is so exciting! I keep wondering who she is!!

I heard that the weather is supposed to be sunny and nice during the weekend.
Oh well, I won't let that spoil my quilting plan! Let's say, if I get about a third of the quilting done I'll be happy and I'll spend some time outside,too!

I wish each of you a lovely weekend!
Happy quilting!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My bag for the swap

I think it is not a problem to show what I made for Linda's Bag Swap, my partner has no idea it is for her, right?! It has been there on the table in my living room for days and so I decided to take some pictures of it and post them.
I had a lot of fun makinf the bag and the other little sewing companions.

Here is the front of the bag:

And here you can see the back:

A little needle book:

And the wrist pincushion:

I really hope my partner will like it, I visited her blog to find out what kind of colour combinations she likes and when I found these fabrics I thought they would be just fine.
In a couple of weeks I'll read about her reation! I t is not easy to wait!!!

I got the last Marie Claire today!
As usual, a lot of nice and interesting things.

It is time to get ready for Autumn!
Some nice ideas for decoration:

The idea is a funny one, but I think my DH would not agree with it! All the nails?! No way!
But I like the tree!

I sure want a new coat, but which one?! Number 8?

From this selection I would like to have the scarf!

With this magazine and the weather outside it feels like Fall is just around the corner!
So, I'll make myself a cup of tea!

Have a lovely week!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A good recipe

Anne Marie was so kind to share her recipe in her blog and I just had to try it.
And I love it!!!
The smell of cardamon was wonderful! They really taste good and this is already one of my favorite recipes!
Takk, Anne Marie!!

All set to enjoy our tea for two!

Last weekend when I did a bit of gardening, I also bought some new flowers.
It seems they are feeling fine in our garden and that makes me happy.

This is probably one of the last roses, I like its smell so much, I'll be glad to see them next year again. Farewell, dear roses.

Today I got the batting and threads for DS2 Snoopy quilt and I hope the backing is coming next week. Then, I will quilt until I wilt!

"When I'm a grown up woman
with my hair upon my head
I will quilt and sew till very late
and never go to bed"

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A wonderful award and a Quilt for Christina

I dearly thank you,Laila, for giving me this award, it was so kind of you !!!
There are so many nice bloggers....
This time it goes to:


Now I can show you what I was making with the mushroons fabric:

I made a bag with lots of place! I can carry many quilt goodies in there!
This fabric was one of those I just had to buy.

A while ago I made a quilt for Charlotte's son, Felix. We chose animals from the farm and it was a nice theme, bright colours and funny animals.
She came here with her children and it was a pleasure to see how happy they all were with the quilt. It is so wonderful to realize that the work of your hands and heart is honestly appreciated!
Then I saw in Christina's eyes "oh, I wish I had one, too!..."
She is such a tiny, lovely girl! A real little princess!
Do you think I could forget her wish?
She is starting school this year and it will be my present for her.
I thought of hearts in many shapes and in her colours. The only problem for me is to find pink fabric in my stash, but I guess with reds and blues I might have enough.
I still don't have a plan, the blocks are in different sizes. I think of sashings and even smaller blocks, but first I need more blocks!

And there is Linda's Bag Swap!
The first little bag I made was too small so I started a new one.
I have a picture of a bag that inspired me.
I have other fabrics, but it is almost like this one:

I think it is a very cute bag! :o)) I hope my partner will like it, too. She is quite busy at the moment!

I want to bake some of Anne Marie's buns tomorrow. If they turn out good I'll show you, if not...Well, we'll eat them anyway, but I won't post a picture of it!!!

I wish each of you a lovely weekend!