Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

And I hope you are, too!

My friend Ulla, from Finnland, sent me a parcel and I could not wait..... I had to open it!!!!
It was so kind of her thinking of me. This sweet surprise was a great treat!

She used beautiful fabrics to sew all these lovely pieces! And she made a beautiful Cristmas card, writing her kind wishes is German (she has quite some talents!).
What could be more delicious than chocolate???
I love this pretty bag! And all the goodies inside! ;-))))

She also thought of my pincushion collection, isn't that one a cutie? Plus the needle keep as a set? I always make new ones, but getting them as gifts is the best thing about it! I think I will post about it some day so I can show all the different pincushions, there are flowers, a hat, hearts, beehives, etc.
What about you? Are you also addicted to making pincushions?

The postman brought me one more parcel!
Oh, boy! I am lucky!
I participated in Darlene's Honey Pot Swap and I got my parcel from Julie, all the way from Australia!

Inside this cute box were a very nice card, and her lovely gifts, wrapped so nicely:

She made a pretty star ornament, stitched a nice candle mat and made a nice card!
And she sent chocolate! I know, I know.....During this season I eat more sweeties than I should, but in January I will set them aside....
Make her a visit, she has lovely sonwmen and other Christmas decoration on her blog!
My parcel has also arrived in the USA!
I was a bit in a hurry when I was wrapping the gifts that I forgot to take pictures of what I made for Nicole!...But she posted about it! In case you would like to see what I sent her, take a look at ther blog!

The last parcels will be sent next week. Fortunately they need just a couple of days to get to their recipients so I don't have to hurry too much.
We will be looking for a Cristmas tree this weekend. The whole family comes along and we look and look and look again... And we always ended up buying the one we saw first! It has happened so many times, it is really funny!
Actually according to the tradition here, the Tannenbaum should be first decorated on Christmas Eve. The kids should not see it, it is meant to be a surprise. But we broke with this tradition!....It was such a stress to cook, go to the church, trim the tree and keep the kids busy so they would not come to the living room that we decided to change it a little bit.
At home we buy and decorate the tree on the third Advent, we realized that the boys had so much fun in decorating it that we decided to always have it like that. Our sons are older now, but DS2 still loves to trim it with me and sometimes he laughs and giggles when he finds an old ornament he or his brother made when they were in Kindergarden. I think that is what counts, having fun with your kids, laughing, "sharing the duties" so Mrs. Santa Claus is not that busy and having the most joyful and peaceful moments that will last a life time.

Wishing each of you a very special weekend!
With family gatherings and lighted candles!

Gingearbread wishes


Ulla said…
So good to hear you liked the pincushion; I knew you collect them. You have made and received many beautiful gifts!
The Christmas tree tardition came to Finland from Germany, and we still decorate the tree on Christmas Eve. We also get the visit of Santa after the big dinner. He gives us the presents on his way to other countries further away from Korvatunturi near the Polar Circle in Finland, where he lives.
Eileen said…
Ulla's gift is so beautiful.. she has a knack for making things very personal and nice! A very good friend!
Back in the Day said…
Thanks so much for sending me your blog info! I absolutely LOVE my gifts! The chocolate is amazing - I finally got around to eating some last night! Your swap was very generous! So many great items! By the way, I LOVE gingerbread men too so it was perfect! I have added your blog to my faves so we can keep in touch!
Anonymous said…
Aww Suzie what a lovely lot of goodies. Isn't Ulla lovely- so generous! It's so interestng and sweet to hear about your christmas traditions too.

I have a little something for you on my blog.
Guðrún said…
You will have to show us your pincushion collection. The star you got is gorgeous.
Darlene said…
Suzie... all those Honeypot goodies are absolutely GORGEOUS! Totally gorgeous!

Thank you for participanting in the Secret Santa Honeypot Swap. It has been a pleasure receiving beautiful emails & blog comments on the joy & spirit that this swap has created all around the world!

take care... have a gorgeous day full of creative stitches & festive inspiration!


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