Being naughty!...

I admit, I am not a good example...
DS2 made it very clear to me, "Mama, why can't you wait to open your Christmas gifts like we do? Something is wrong here, you are the only one who opens at the moment you get them, that is NOT fair!!!... Remember you always told us that "curiosity killed the cat"? Can you imagine if YOU were the cat?!"
Blame on me!!!.....
I had no words to excuse myself....
But then he gave me such a beautiful smile and said "Don't worry Mama, I just wanted to tease you!".
That made me feel better!
Specially because I had just opened another parcel :-))))
I was floating like this sweet little fellow!

Melanie still found the time to sent me a wonderful parcel:

She was so generous! Delicious chocolate, special tea, a lovely reusuable bag from Cath Kidston and a scented candle!

But that was not all!
She even sewed a little table cloth and three cute sonwmen!!! They are so sweet!

They are now hanging on the Tannenbaum!
Thank you so much for all these wonderful gifts, Melanie! With your caring and kindness you help to make this season a very special one!

Will I be not that naughty next year and let the presents under the tree until
Cristmas Eve?....That is a hard commitment!....

The house is decorated, every single corner has some ornies. I baked more cookies, went to the groceries stores ( but probably have to go there again tomorrow!) and wrapped all the gifts. Have I got everything done?...Yes, I suppose!
Time for a cup of tea!
Time to sit down and enjoy this wonderful and unique season!
I hope you can do the same! It has been so nice here in blogland, I am ever so happy I met all of you! It makes Christmas this year even more special!

Wishing each of you many joyfull, peaceful and whimsical moments during this Holiday!


Eileen said…
Your home is decorated so cozy and cute. I love the santa on the sewing machine.. and that new flying one is adorable!
Melanie is one incredible person. We simply cannot expect that much from her every year! (Are you reading this Melanie?!) But she certainly is a treasure to us all.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Suzie!
Stina said… your gifts...they were so lovely!!Loved the little snowmen... :O)
And I am trying so hard to keep my packages unopened... ahhh... think you have done the right Open them!!! Merry Christmas!!
Ulla said…
Your home looks very inviting and nice with all the decorations. Melanie is such a generous person. I think she has more hours in her day than we usual people, otherwise she couldn't get all the gifts and her long posts with the great photos done!
Merry Christmas, Suzie!
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie, glad they arrived safely and that you liked the little bits I put together. Your santa figure is so sweet!

Love your table mat- such Christmassy colours and so neatly sewed.

Merry Christmas!
Simone de Klerk said…
You received lovely gifts, Suzie! Especially the snowmen (O: Very cute. And I love your decorations in the house. Have a wonderful Christmas, for you and your family!
Guðrún said…
I hope you will have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Have a lovely christmas and a creative and happy new year:-)
Christmas hugs from Norway
Christine said…
Hi Suzie. Hope you had a very happy Christmas. You got some lovely gifts from Melanie ... those snowmen are so cute.
Annemariesquilt said…
Sorry I have been away on Christmas hollyday and missed this post. You are very lucky Suzie, Melanie made you some beautiful christmas things. And I am lucky having you to make me some lovely things too. I will post about it soon. Take care and have a wonderful christmas hollyday..
May Britt said…
Christmas is a wonderful time. Love the little red and white table cloth you have made. And now I wish you a happy new sewing year.
Catherine said…
Great gifts! Particularily love those little Snowmen!! Great noses! Happy New Year Suzie! Cathyx

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