Mugs, the new Marie Claire and a tutorial

Hi there!
Today I'll show you some more of the "moose collection".
These mugs are the ones that are always in use, the blue one, with Rudolph" the red nose reindeer" is one of DH's favorites, though, as the name says, it is a reindeer and not a moose...Anyway, we love them all!

This is a special one, from Bo Bendixen, he is a Danish artist and he has great designs:

This one I like most because they are kissing each other!

I got the new Marie Claire last week, and, as usual, full of nice photos and lovely ideas.

A lovely Christmas decoration in red and white. Very inspiring to me!

This pretty cup is the one that is missing in my collection!

And the sweetest page, chocolate!!!

Forever in love with chocolate!
Mouth watering!

So, let's get started with the tutorial I talked about!
It is only a sack, but it is really quick and easy to make. I got hooked on it!

What you need:

2 different fabrics about 22 cm x 64 cm ( 8 1/2" x 25")

Fold both of them right sides together like this:

Lay both folded pieces together and secure the long sides with pins:

Sew the long sides with 0,7 cm (1/4") seam allowance:

Now turn the inside out:

Use zic-zac to get a clean finish at the edge:

Turn about 5 cm ( 2") twice to the outside:

Fold the bottom and hand stitch it to secure it in place:

Or secure it in place with a button:

Voilá! Your little sack is ready!!
Wasn't it easy?

The fun part is filling it with sweeties and other goodies!
Then you can make "little ones" and "big ones" happy!

I hope I could help you with a quick idea for some Christmas gifts!
The next tutorial for the tiny bags will be coming soon!

I wish each of you a lovely and blessed week!


Eileen said…
I have really been enjoying all your little moose things. SO cute.

The gift bag tute is great! I think I will make some. Thanks!
Guðrún said…
Thank you so much for the tutorial. The moose mugs are great.
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie, I'll have to dig out a hat I made with reindeer around. It belongs to son. If you knit, I'll write out how I made it so you can make one for your husband.

Lovely sack tutorial. Thank you.
Ulla said…
Nice tutorial and such pretty Christmas fabrics! Your moose mugs are cute, too.
Catherine said…
Great the moose' and thank you for the tutorial!! Cathy
What a fun tutorial - love the button on the sides! I would love to see a marie Claire Idees in real life after seeing all teh beautiful pictures on yours and other blogs.
Annemariesquilt said…
Great MUG's...
Love your tutorial's, I might just have to find time for this one. Right now time is flying away with me.
Anonymous said…

Saw this and thought of you
Ulla said…
Hi Suzie, I have given you an award on my blog!
SG said…
Thanks for the nice tutorial!

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