Monday, November 17, 2008

Mugs, the new Marie Claire and a tutorial

Hi there!
Today I'll show you some more of the "moose collection".
These mugs are the ones that are always in use, the blue one, with Rudolph" the red nose reindeer" is one of DH's favorites, though, as the name says, it is a reindeer and not a moose...Anyway, we love them all!

This is a special one, from Bo Bendixen, he is a Danish artist and he has great designs:

This one I like most because they are kissing each other!

I got the new Marie Claire last week, and, as usual, full of nice photos and lovely ideas.

A lovely Christmas decoration in red and white. Very inspiring to me!

This pretty cup is the one that is missing in my collection!

And the sweetest page, chocolate!!!

Forever in love with chocolate!
Mouth watering!

So, let's get started with the tutorial I talked about!
It is only a sack, but it is really quick and easy to make. I got hooked on it!

What you need:

2 different fabrics about 22 cm x 64 cm ( 8 1/2" x 25")

Fold both of them right sides together like this:

Lay both folded pieces together and secure the long sides with pins:

Sew the long sides with 0,7 cm (1/4") seam allowance:

Now turn the inside out:

Use zic-zac to get a clean finish at the edge:

Turn about 5 cm ( 2") twice to the outside:

Fold the bottom and hand stitch it to secure it in place:

Or secure it in place with a button:

Voilá! Your little sack is ready!!
Wasn't it easy?

The fun part is filling it with sweeties and other goodies!
Then you can make "little ones" and "big ones" happy!

I hope I could help you with a quick idea for some Christmas gifts!
The next tutorial for the tiny bags will be coming soon!

I wish each of you a lovely and blessed week!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A snoring moose, a moose parade, and getting into Xmas mood

Hi there,
it has been a nice week, I could sew quite some things and it feels like heaven!!!

The most wonderful time of the year is so near!
In two weeks it the First Advent, that is when the house should be all decorated for Christmas, all the cookies and other yummis for the tummys have to be ready and one starts dreaming of a white Xmas! Which we haven't had for some years now and I must say, that is something we really miss...
So there is a lot of work to be done!

But first let me show you what I got for my DH :


I bought this snoring moose as a birthday present for my him. He loves moose! Since I know him he has been collecting everything about this funny animal! I always get a new one or make a new one for him, there are all sorts of moose around here, I'll be showing some of them today and during my next posts also.

In this picture there are four moose I made for him.
I introduce you to Piet, I made him about 4 years ago and he is one of my favorites:

He is a very quiet moose, but his friends love him!

Here is Oke, you will never see him without his green scarf! That shows his "ecological" way of life, he is a vegetarian, you know!

Gustav is our little one, he has such cute eyes and he always have "an open ear" to your problems!

My next project is to sew Ole, another small moose ( 14 cm, about 5 1/2").
It is going to be quite challenging!

But if I get it right, it should look like this:

Now let's get into Christmas moose!
I mean, Christmas mood!!!
I love paper cornets, since I was little I remember how I loved to get them full of sweeties and small things to play. I sewed these ones and I'm still looking for nice little things to get them really full of goodies:

I found a fabric that I'm in love with. It is red with litlle snow flakes, they look so lovely! And there is also a one with polka dots, which I used for the border. I'm going to use a very thin batting and machine quilt it:

What about tiny bags for candies?
You can decorate them with a bow or with a pretty button, or just use a fancy fabric!
They are about 8 cm x 14 cm ( 3 1/4" x 5 1/2") :

These sacks (or bags) are so easy to make and they can be filled with different things if you have ran out of sweeties!
Some pine cones make them stand up right and look as good as well:

I am working on a tutorial for the tiny bags and for the sacks.
I intend to post them next week, so keep tuned!!!

Stitching was part of my list, too!
It is a project from this pattern and I'm stitching them in the evening (no time to lose!).
The writings and the birds are very sweet:

Here I go to my sewing room to get some more things done and prepare the tutorial for you!
And I'm also going to catch up with your posts! I know you girls have been pretty busy, haven't you?!

Have a lovely and creative week!
See you soon!

Friday, November 7, 2008

"Life is real"

Another weekend is about to begin, and the hope it will be a good one and full of nice things is there. Perhaps I'll get a lot things things done this time, perhaps other things will get on the way...
Anyway, I wish each of you a lovely weekend!
I hope you enjoy this song from Ayo, she is simply great.

Monday, November 3, 2008

"Patching" a post...

I would like so much to show you pictures of beautiful sewings and things, talk about new projects and neat ideas...But I have had so little time to sit down and sew and post and answer your comments, I'm so sorry.
So this is my attempt to catch up just a little bit with you, hoping that you will forgive my lack of time. I have met so many wonderful people in Blogland, I wish this contact will last and I want you to know what it means to me.

Today I had the time to read some new messages and I was so happy to see that Melanie gave me a beautiful award, thank you so much! Not writing during the last weeks has left some "spider webs" on my blog, but I guess that goes along well with Fall ! ;-)))
I missed the chance to take photos during the golden October when the trees looked so gorgeous in their Autumn colours. Now it looks grey and wet outside, although that never really bothered me, it has always been like a time to "go inside", a time to make some reflections, to let my inner feelings run low. A little pause before I start thinking about Christmas.
Somehow this season always come sooner than expected and it is also gone before I am ready for it. Sometimes I ask myself what am I doing wrong? Have I lost the ability to plan things? Or the truth is that, in fact, I have became a real chaotic? Or is it because I worry too much and then the result is that I simply get confused and lost track of what is important?...Questions, questions, questions....And the answer is, ......
Perhaps I should quit thinking about all this and act like Scarlet in "Gone with the wind", when she had a problem, she used to say to herself "tomorrow is another day!". And between health issues, chores, work and wishes, one day at a time is really all we have, isn't it?

And the quilting addiction goes on, I have ordered some new magazines and patterns. That is the signal that I'm still sane (!), if I ever loose the hope I will soon be sewing, then I'm truly lost!...Even if I don't have enough time now and then, this hobby is my therapy.

I must go now...I won't promise a new post full of nice things, but I'll do the best I can to make the most of the little time I get!

Wishing you a lovely, healthy, and productive week!
Until next time