The postman brought a tough bag!

Hurray! I got a great parcel!

All the way from Australia to Germany!

From the beautiful town Hobart, in Tasmania:

Sarah packed everything so nicely!

A lovely Beehive and a cute tape measure cover with a heart inside of a tin box:

"My Quilt Journal" for notes and pictures:

And a bag with with a sweet butterfly!

Some weeks ago she sent me a little parcel, just "to tease me" as she wrote, with these cute magnet buttons she made from beautiful fabrics:

It was like Christmas!
I was opening all the nice packets and feeling happy like a child! :-)))
Thank you Sarah! I hope you are also happy with the parcel you got!

I simply have to write about a magazine I like so much, at the moment I have it in my hands I forget the hours!...
They show every season of the year with wonderful photos and articles, and also delicious recipes!

And there are always articles about handiwork and handicrafts.
This time about embroidery sampler:

Great ideas for knitting:

In this edition some extra recipes, with cinnamon and chocolate!!!
Yes, you are right, I'll have to try it! It is with chocolate! Can you smell it?!

And two more photos, one with apples and the gorgeous trees showing the four seasons:

It is not Friday yet, but I wish you a lovely weekend!
I'll try to finish some of my projects, and, if the weather allows, go with DH for a nice Autumn walk!
Until next time


Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie, congratulations on your wonderful parcel coming all that way to you. What a sweet little beehive and everything so lovingly made.

There is a new magazine I have subscribed to called Sew Hip. Ravenhill's blog on my side bar shows a lot of it. There's a link and it's available world wide.
Guðrún said…
Have a great weekend too.
Fiesta said…
wow, that was one really nice tough bag.
Rachael Rabbit said…
I'm very jealous of the beehive!!
Gina said…
What fabulous goodies you received, and thank you for showing the magazine the photos are gorgeous.

Love and hugs Gina xxx
nicolette said…
What a fun post with so much different pretty things and a great parcel!!
Eileen said…
What a beautiful magazine. Thank you for shjowing us glimpses from it!
Blogging friends are truly the best, aren't they?
Catherine said…
Lucky you Suzie..what a lot of lovely gifts!! That magazine looks the samplers and Yum! yes I can smell the chocolate! Cathy
Ulla said…
What lovely swap mail you received! the magazine looks great, I must kep my eyes open next time I'm in town and I just might find it here.
I hope the weather stays good for healthy walks!
Stina said…
Love your wonderful gifts... I just love the little beehive... ;o)
Anonymous said…
Hi Suzie, I have awarded you a Fall Decor Award for your beautiful decorations back in September. they were unforgetable for me. The pic is on my blog.


I hope everything is getting better.
Thanks for sharing photos of your favourite magazine - it looks delightful! Even if you don't have much time to sew at the moment, it is always lovely to be able to get ideas for future projects. Love the goodies you received in the swap - just beautiful!!

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