Thursday, October 23, 2008

The postman brought a tough bag!

Hurray! I got a great parcel!

All the way from Australia to Germany!

From the beautiful town Hobart, in Tasmania:

Sarah packed everything so nicely!

A lovely Beehive and a cute tape measure cover with a heart inside of a tin box:

"My Quilt Journal" for notes and pictures:

And a bag with with a sweet butterfly!

Some weeks ago she sent me a little parcel, just "to tease me" as she wrote, with these cute magnet buttons she made from beautiful fabrics:

It was like Christmas!
I was opening all the nice packets and feeling happy like a child! :-)))
Thank you Sarah! I hope you are also happy with the parcel you got!

I simply have to write about a magazine I like so much, at the moment I have it in my hands I forget the hours!...
They show every season of the year with wonderful photos and articles, and also delicious recipes!

And there are always articles about handiwork and handicrafts.
This time about embroidery sampler:

Great ideas for knitting:

In this edition some extra recipes, with cinnamon and chocolate!!!
Yes, you are right, I'll have to try it! It is with chocolate! Can you smell it?!

And two more photos, one with apples and the gorgeous trees showing the four seasons:

It is not Friday yet, but I wish you a lovely weekend!
I'll try to finish some of my projects, and, if the weather allows, go with DH for a nice Autumn walk!
Until next time

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear blogging friends

This award is dedicated to all my dear blogging friends that supported me with kind words and lovely messages, your caring really lifted my spirit! I thank each of you dearly!

"A friend will
strengthen you
with her prayers

Bless you with
her love, and
encourage you
with her heart"
(antique Sampler)

My DH went through some hard times, but he is recovering very well. The therapy will last some more weeks, then we will see what the doctor says. I am so glad no surgery was needed, that would not have been simple. I hope and pray that he will stay healthy.

Now I think it is time to get back to some blogging, sewing, baking and doing things that makes one happy, right?
What was already done were the projects for the Stitcher's Angel Swap.
As my partner has no idea who I am, I decided to post some pictures of the items I made for her:

The Bag pattern from May Britt is so lovely, I had to make one for her!

I visited her blog and I went through many of her posts to find out what colour combination she likes and I hope I found the right one! It is a collection from Moda Fabrics, I really like the new series.
I'm sorry the pictures are not sharp enough, I'm having some problems with my camera lately.

I made a hexagon pincushion ( English Paper Piecing) and stitched the word "Pin" in the center.
This one here is a needle keep, it is a pattern from Anne-Pia G. Rasmussen from Denmark, I love her books and ideas.

My partner will have a lot of place for her needles:

I also have some sweeties, a card and a little surprise for her! But I won't show that! Are you curious to know what it is?! You will have to wait!

Tomorrow I'll go to the Post office and I'll cross my fingers so she will get it safe and soon! It has a LONG way to go!!! And that she likes what is in the parcel.

Once again I have a lot to catch up! I did miss reading your posts!....I'll try to read and comment as much as I can!

I wish you a lovely week!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have to take another break...

Just when we thought things were getting back to normal....
My DH is now in hospital since the beginning of the week. The doctor talked about a surgery, but he still wants to wait. It makes me weary, but I'm doing what I can to keep things running normal.
I have to take another break, I neither have the time nor the peace of mind to do anything else at the moment.
I hope you are all doing fine. When I'm back I'll catch up again with your posts and enjoy seeing all the beautiful work you do.

Take care
Until next time