Slowly getting back and wonderful gifts

Hi there!
It's been more than two weeks since I wrote my last post, it seems like ages!...
I thank all of you for your kind words and wishes, your caring is something so special, I never thought I would meet such beautiful people in blogland!
Thanks also for being so patient with me, I just did not have the time and I was so weary. For a couple of weeks my DH had some serious health problems, and even when he smiles and says everything is going to be all right, I know what a hard time we had last year at the hospital. He is back to work since last week and, as people say here, " confidence is good, but checking is better!", so I am always checking to be sure things are fine (he does not like that, but if he is stubborn, so am I!).
DS1 was a week away with his classmates and teacher. They were sailing on a boat at the North Sea, it was sure a good experience, he had to cook and he had a lot of fun, he did not get seasick and enjoyed the rough weather. This kind of trip is something they always do here during their last year of school and before the final exams. Now the hard times begin and he will have a lot to study and to prepare until December. Of course it won't get easier afterwards, but he knows he won't have too much time for partys as long he must write his exams!
DS2 participated on a Marathon at school and he was quite proud of what he achieved and so were we ( we were his sponsors and the more kilometers he ran, the more we payed for, that was a good thing). Phill is growing so fast, he is getting taller and from one day to another he needs new clothes again, I can buy him a new pair of jeans and sooner than expected he comes and says, "mom, they are too small..."
I guess I can't keep pace, they are slipping through my fingers and that is something that scares me. I ask how could time fly by that fast...My two loved boys, the light of my life, I know I can't prevent you from growing older, but sometimes I wish I could stop the time, just for a little while, you know...Sorry, I should not get that sentimental, right?

Oner of my dearest blogfriend, Anne Marie, is such a lovely person, she sent me a litlle parcel to show she was thinking of me during this time, it was so kind of her! I thank you again, you have really touched my heart and your friendship is precious to me.
I got 2 pretty FQs, a beatiful card with butterflies, and a lovely pin:

Before summer, another very dear blogfriend, Anne Ida and I planned a one-on-one mini quilt swap. I was really getting worried because it should have arrived here already...But then yesterday I could hold this treasure in my hands:

It is so gorgeous!!! A wonderful sampler in beautiful country colours! She has done it so well, the picture doesn't do it justice, if you could just see it in real!
I love it!!! It goes so well with all the other mini quilts I have, thank you sooooo much Anne Ida!
You just found the right pattern and everything else that makes me happy!
I love all the blocks, and specially these two ones, the Friendship Star:

And here is Jacob's ladder, they are my favorites!

But she sent me more!
The mini quilt was wrapped in a beautiful FQ, then I also got a set of Amish Quilt Cards, and a bag pattern from AnnAka!!!
I am so happy! Tusend takk!
If you want to see what I made for her, please visit her blog, she posted about it, too!

Do you still remember that I couldn't show a picture from the third witch?
Well, the little lady loves her bath tube!!!
That is why I thought I would make a picture of her during one of her baths!!
Here is she, singing and taking her time and making soap bubbles!

She didn't mind I took these pictures. She is a sweetie!

All these cute witches are patterns from Tone Finnanger, it is an old book from her, but full of pretty dolls and other things, she is simply great!

I am raring to get to my sewings! I can actually talk about withdrawls...Even if I have sewn for some craft markets, what I'm really looking for is to work on my projects, they are waiting to get done, all patiently waiting for me...

I have a lot to catch up, you girls have beautiful posts and I'm trying to read them and to comment them.

I will post again as soon as I can show you something new or done!
Wishing each of you a lovely week!

PS. Take a look at Hanne's blog, she is having a great giveaway!


Glad to hear that life is getting back to normal. Your sons sound like mine - growing up way too fast! Love all your goodies - nothing like swap mail to lift the spirits!
Cheryl said…
So glad things are better your way. Life sometimes just throws us off track, but we were all keeping you in our thoughts! Great mail for you and the mini quilt is so wonderful!!
Ulla said…
It is good to hear that life is getting back to normal again. Your mini quilt looks very beautiful!
Eileen said…
Suzie, that little witch cracks me up!
Yes.. I agree about all the wonderful friends here in blogland.. all over the world. Anne Marie is a dear one to me as well. :-)
Good to see you post again!
Annemariesquilt said…
Realy good to have you back Suzie...
Your quilt (swap )are so nice and beautiful! Have a creative week comming Suzie.
Anne-Mette said…
Dear Suzie.
Wauh, a great idea of doing such a one-to-one swap wirth a friend. I like both quilts. They look great. What size are the quilts?
I know exactly how you feel about yuor two boys - I am a two-boy-mummy too. It isn't easy to let them free, but we have to and it brings you at first sleepless nights...but I promise you, it will get better ;-))).
Best wishes for the future.
Gina said…
It's lovely to see you back with us again.
What a great selection of goodies you've had since you've been away.

Love an dhugs Gina xx
Lovely gifts:-)
You have deserved all gifts
Have a nice and creative week
Hugs from Norway:-))
Anonymous said…
Hi Suzie, glad your husband is a lot better. I know what you mean about wanting to stop time for them all. I now officially have the smallest feet in the family and my "pups" are still growing into their paws, so I think that soon I will be the shortest too.

What a lovely well made swap mini quilt! I like Tone Finnager things too. I keep looking longingly at her Christmas book.
nicolette said…
Wonderful and sweet gifts!!
Good to see you’ve posted.
Hope you’re back on track now!
Katherine said…
Happy to hear life is getting to normal. What lovely mail you've had and that little witch is a delight! I will have to look for Tone Finnager's older books, thanks for the tip.

I know exactly how you feel with your sons. Mine seem to grow overnite. ;o) Keeping up with them in clothes (and food) can be a full time job!LOL
Guðrún said…
The little quilt is beautiful.
Carole said…
Hi Suzie, looks like you have tons of things as well. Best recovery wishes for your DH.
I went to see your mini quilt on your friend's blog, you both did a wonderful job !! and your little witch in her bathtub is soooo cute !!
All the best, lots of hugs !

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