Getting into the mood

Though the sun is shinning quite some hours during the day, the temperature is getting lower.
There are no change in colours, the leaves are not all falling down, but it is there, the Autumn feeling! Melanie has already started to decorate her house for Fall and everything she has is so lovely! I really felt I had to start, too!
I gathered some of my decoration, but I want to sew new things.

I probably will change things here, but that is how it looks now:

I love my Pumpkin Angel and her orange hair:

Mr. Scarecrow is always there, that is his place among the pumpkins:

This old sewing machine has its story. I got it at a flea market years ago for only 10 Euros! I was looking at some really old sewing machines full of rust and dust when I realized a man watching me and he asked quite aghast, " Are you really interested on SUCH things?!" I answered, yes, I love old sewing machines! He then gave me his address and said I could come in about 2 hours, he had an old sewing machine and I could have it for 10 Euros. My DH and I drove there, it was an old farm, and he was waiting for us. When we saw that the machine was "new", in great conditions, with everything working, I paid at once and DH got it into the car! Since then it has its place in the house, I can't think of anything else for this corner of the house!

I have three sweet little witches, they also belong to Autumn decoration. This is the first one with her broom:

Here is the second one, she lost her broom, but that does not really matter because she does not like flying at all! She prefers to feel the earth beneath her feet!

What about the third one?
She is taking a bath at the moment and she apologizes for not being ready for the photos!
Next time, ok? She is the most easy going of all three!

The Snoopy quilt is now all machine quilted!!!
I have to add the biding, which I hope to do during the weekend. DS2 is happy with the quilting and that makes me happy, too!

That is all for now dear readers!
I wish each of you a lovely weekend!


Quirky said…
What a lovely autumn display!
nicolette said…
Love all your Autumn items. Do you use the old sewing machine? It’s beautiful!

The quilting looks great Suzie!!

Happy weekend!
Eileen said…
What a pretty swing machine. I have never seen one that say Phoenix.
Those fabric pumpkins are adorable. I need to make some of those! Looking forward to seeing anything new that you decide to make.
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie love it love it love it! Can you tell just how much I love it? Beautiful!

Congratulations on finishing the quilt- I must learn proper grown up quilting like you make. :-)

I have a little something for you on my blog.
In Appreciation,
Tine said…
The snoopy quilt is gorgeous!!! Did you piece it by hand? Or machine? The quilting you did on it is wonderful :-)
That old sewing machine is gorgeous...and VERY cheap! What a great find!
Cindy said…
The old sewing machine looks perfect with all the fall adornments. It's like a match made in heaven!

Candace said…
Your autumn decorations are so very pretty, I am anxious to do mine, but living in Florida, I'll probably wait a little while longer. It's supposed to be in the mid nineties tomorrow.
Annemariesquilt said…
Wow lots of lovely autum pictures from your house.. And your sewingmachine are awesome !!!
Your Ds2 are so lucky to have a mom like you...
Carol in Sweden said…

Could you PLEASE tell me where I can acquire the patterns for the MUSHROOMS and Pumpkins from your Fall collection?!

If you stop by my blog in a couple of days you will understand why I would love to have them! (photos of real ones will appear)

We are mushroom hunters this time of year in Sweden!

I'll stop by again one day...thanks for sharing all your cutsies!
Catherine said…
Your Autumn decorations are gorgeous!! Love all the pumpkins! Cathyx
maria said…
Hi, I've just found your blog.
I love your photos particularly the quilts at the out door show. It amazes me how many people, all over the world, make such wonderful quilts.
I am also doing the bag swap and stitching angels swap. I'm not as organised as you and have got to finish my bag, I'm nearly done and it should be ready to send by the last day!
Maria x
Christine said…
Love the Snoopy quilt and your autumn display is wonderful.

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