Summer Stash Quilt challenge is all done!

It is August!
And I am back to blogging! ;o)))

Happy dance ! The summer stash quilt is done!!
I still don't have a name for the quilt, but I'm working on it!

Here are the pictures, luckily outside, the sun is shining, it is summer!

More sun light and the quilting shows up:

And here is the back:

The past two weeks were very nice, a lot of sightseeing, visiting, walking, going to the movies (Mamma mia was great!) and the weather was fine.
I really had time to relax and slow down.
Now I have started to plan some new projects and how I can finish the ones that are in the second stage of "production"(!), which means piecing or sewing it together. I have signed in for two swaps and for one of them I know what I want to sew, but I guess I need to buy some fabric. Isn't it nice to have an excuse to visit a quilt shop? :o)))

Although these past days were somewhat hot, the hydrangeas seem not to like it either.

And I also read a LOT!!!
This book has three of Jennifer Chiaverini's stories.
The first ones were so nice, I just could not stop reading, "The runaway Quilt" and "The Quilter's Legacy". The third, "The Master Quilter" I've just started.

Before I had to finish reading these two books, "The Novice - The black Magician trilogy Book two" and "The High Lord - The black Magician Trilogy book three". The story reminds me a little bit of Harry Potter's, but the last book was then much more interesting.

Quite a while ago I bought this Snoopy fabric, I knew DS2 would like it, he loves Soopys and the Peanuts.
But it had to be a pattern in which a lot of the sweet litlle one could be seen.

He helped me and we chose a pattern with stars.
I started to cut the pieces:

Hexagons and triangles:

Three rolls so far, and DS2 likes it!
Snoopy is a star!

Now I want to take some time to read what I've missed by the other bloggers, I guess I need quite some hours!
My sewing machine needs some more attention from me (LOL), so I hope to make it happy during the weekend, I want to finish some little gifts and send them next week!

Have a lovely and creative weekend!
See you soon!


nicolette said…
Welcome back Suzie, I missed you!!

The quilt is stunning in the sunlight!! You must be very happy with the result!

Love the Snoopy quilt-to-be. It reminds me of my cousins who loved Snoopy when they were little and made a lot of drawings for us (their sugar aunt and uncle). I must have them in a box, somewhere...

I’ve just read Chennifer’s book the Quiltclub. I didn’t like the Dutch translation very much, so I hope to find one of her other books in the library in the original English version.
Inger said…
Hello. Your quilt became very beatuful in lovely colours. I have bought som books with quilting pattern and hope that I get time this autumn to try your metode of machinequilting.

Have a nice weekend you too.
Ulla said…
Hi Suzie and welcome back! I have missed you. Congratulations on finishing the challenge quilt! It looks just wonderful on both sides. When you have time, put some pictures to the Flickr group.
eileen said…
Woo-hoo Suzie!! The quilt is awesome!!! I love how the back looks.. and i really loved your process the whole way through.

Sending you something in email...
Annemariesquilt said…
Congratulation on your finish in the summer stash challenge. Your quilt are awesome and I love it. You have done some excellent work.
Your Snoopy quilt is adorable, and the pattern fits the Snoopy fabric perfect!
Take care Suzie...
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie- love the quilt. It reminds me of the waves hitting rocks in Cornwall and the back has the serenity of a Cornish beach. It's incredibly beautiful. How do you do quilting like that?

I keep meaning to play with hexagons and triangles too- in blue and white. I wishI could clone myself - I have so many ideas in the back of my book that I need to give up sleep or coffee. LOL It may be sleep. :-) Beautiful work!
Catherine said…
Wow, Loved reading your post. Your blue quilt is gorgeous...amazing quilting. Wasnt Mamma Mia lots of fun!!..And Snoppy looks like it will be a very happy quilt..Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!!! Cathyxx
Gina said…
Nice to see you again.

I love how the Snoopy quilt is turning out. I've read the Black Magician trilogy aswell. I really enjoyed them.

Love and hugs gina xxx
Teresa said…
Hi and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I have read through a couple of your posts and the quilt you just finished is so clean and crips looking - reminds me of cool springs on a hot summer day. The snoopy quilt looks fun to make and thank you for sharing the pictures of the work in progress - I had not seen how those blocks were put together before. I have subscribed to your blog so I will be checking in from time to time.
Anne Ida said…
Hi, great to se you posting again! Missed you in blogland this summer!

Your quilt turned out absolutely gorgeous! You have done such a wonderful job on it! I love the colours, the quilting - everything!!! The back is really cool too, with those same-coloured fqs!

Heehee! Another Jennifer fan!!! Those books are really addictive :o) Have fun with the Master Quilter - just think there might be an SBS in your future after reading it *lol*

You think I should read the The black Magician trilogy? I have them in my bookshelf - borrowed from a friend a looooong time ago, but haven't gotten around to them yet... and had thought I'd skip them...

See you have a newer post so I'll catch up :o) Hugs...

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