Some giveaways!

Hi there!

There are great blogs with great giveaways! You must visit them, a lot of nice things to see!

Candance , she has many pretty things!

Lise , her stitcheries are lovely!

Cheryl is also celebrating her 100th post , great!

Lila Tueller Designs, has two pretty bags you'll love!

It was nice to read how other quilters start a quilt.
It seems that the process of starting a quilt is not directly connected with a plan, it comes from an idea, or something new you just have to try and then it grows and you have a nice time creating and mixing colours together! I think that is the best part of it ! Even if I sometimes follow instructions from books or magazines, I have much more fun playing with blocks and colours like so many of you! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

I entered Linda's Bag Swap and I just finished this little bag and I like it very much!
But I'm sure it turned out too small...It is only 8" x 9 1/2" ( about 20 cm x 24,5 cm) and I don't want my partner to get disappointed. I'm now stitching something different and I'll make it bigger.

A closer look at the sewing machine, I love this old machines!

And, the Snoopy Quilt top is ready!
I bought some more fabric for the borders and I also wanted for the backing, but she ( one of my favorite quilt shop) had no blue, which means I have to order it and it may take a couple of weeks. DS2 was not happy about that, but that is how the cookie crambles!!! ( a funny saying from a Snoopy comic book!).

As you can see in the photo, the weather here is grey and it has been raining. Doesn't that sound like a Quilter's weather"?!

See you!
I have to attend the call from my sewing machine ;o)))


Annemariesquilt said…
I love your little bag, it is so cute. I do not think it is to small though.. It is a lot of stitchery on it and that makes it very special..
Your snoopy quilt is finished already, wow. It is so beautiful and so very special. Sometimes fabrics are worth waiting for!!
Take care..
Guðrún said…
Snoopy looks so great.
Pat said…
I think that your bag is lovely. I am sure anyone would be happy to receive it.
SewAmy said…
I love the embroidered sewing machine. Did you buy the pattern somewhere? I'd love to get one. The bag turned out GREAT.

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