Project for the weekend

Today I finally got the fabric for the back!
It is now time to tame the "beast"!!!
Ready, steady, quilt!!!

Don't you like this saying : " to quilt is human; to finish , divine!" ?
I always have a nice feeling when I finish a quilt! So I'll be quilting during the weekend to get this feeling again!

There is a beautiful Autumn wall hanging in this magazine.
I'm looking for the fabrics and if everything runs fine, I'll probably start a project next week.
Then I'll give you a little sneak peak of it!

I think I'll use these fabrics for the Stitcher's Angel swap. The person I got is so sweet, I like her blog!
I can't wait until next Monday to see May Britt's project!
My "Angel" sent me an Email and that is so exciting! I keep wondering who she is!!

I heard that the weather is supposed to be sunny and nice during the weekend.
Oh well, I won't let that spoil my quilting plan! Let's say, if I get about a third of the quilting done I'll be happy and I'll spend some time outside,too!

I wish each of you a lovely weekend!
Happy quilting!


Guðrún said…
It is a great feeling when you finish a quilt, I know what you mean.
nicolette said…
Your quilting looks so wonderful and I love the quilt!

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