Progress, projects and time to smell the flowers

Hi there!
I finished some more blocks and the Snoopy quilt is getting bigger.
It is almost time to think about the borders. Sometimes I think I should better plan a quilt ahead so that I know how much fabric it needs and how it will look like at the end, but somehow I always start it and then I plan what wil l be coming next.
Do you plan everything before you start a quilt?
That would be interesting to know!

I also stitched a funny story, I got it from an old Marie Claire.
It is supposed to be a cushion, but I like the idea of sewing a round bag.
I think that would be nice, too!

And here is y new project I started yesterday, but it still not done.
Can you guess what it will be?

During the weekend I finished some little gifts.
This set is for a good friend of mine, a pincushion (American Patchwork and Quilting 2007) and a very cute needle case, it is from this tutorial.

The needle case has a lot of place inside:

It looks like a pretty little bag, doesn't it?

But it isn't!!!
It is also a needle case! In the front there is a little pocket where you can put a small scissor.
I love it! And I'll keep this one for myself ;o)))
I got the pattern from Australian Homespun. But I changed the stitchery a little bit.

Would like to see something dirty?
Well, it looks dirty, but it is cute, too!
It is a "piggy"potholder!
Probably for the market.

.....Now , it is time to smell the flowers!

I love daisies, I'm always taking pictures of this lovely, tiny flower.

The hibiscus are growing just fine.
Actually this one here was supposed to be a white sort. But pink is beautiful!
And the bright colours are a pleasure to look at.

The little ones should not be forgotten, they have lovely colours, too.

Hope you are having a lovely week!
Until then,


Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie, my you have been busy! What wonderful little ideas you have sewn as well as your big quilt top.

I have a rough idea in my mind, I then begin, then realise (or not) that I have enough fabric, rapidly improvise, decide I like the new version, and problem solve throughout the rest of the idea. LOL It sounds haphazard, but something usually turns out ok. Other times I follow the rules and get just what I started to make. Less challenging but still fun.
Linda said…
Sizie your snoopy quilt sure has grown. I dont always plan before I I love your sowcase of work, in particular the neddle bag from the Homespun. such an original idea, and such pretty garden photo's.
Anonymous said…
aww, that piggy potholder is adorable

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trelly said…
Hi! the little bag is delicious!!!!! I want one! Here we can't buy the Homespun magazine...
Anne Ida said…
The Snoopy quilt looks wonderful! And it sure has grown quickly ;o) Do I plan ahead when making a quilt? Hmmm... I usually start out with an idea of what I want, and then sometimes it all changes while I'm working :o) Borders are something I seldom plan...

Your show and tell of smaller projects look great! I can definitely see the Marie Claire stitchery on a bag! No idea what you're up to with the mushrooms :o)

Your flowers are beautiful! Ah, summer! Take care! Hugs...
Annemariesquilt said…
I love your new stitching project!!
The Snoopy quilt is comming along very nicely, your son must be very pleased with the progress. Your needlecusion are adoreable , such a suprice with the cover up...
I have working to much this week so I have not been doing much sewing, sadly.
Take care Suzie!
Anonymous said…
Hello Suzie
This piggy pot holder is great, im very much love pigs, great whites at my uncle`s farm.
Catherine said…
Hi Suzie, What a lovely post. I never plan my entire quilt and sometimes I too need more fabric! You sewing goodies are very cute...I love your needle case/bag... And your flower photos are also gorgeous...the little mauve ones are very delicate!! Cathyxx
Guðrún said…
Snoopy is my all time favorite star! Your work is beautiful. What Homespun magazine was the "bag" in, I just love it. I do both plan ahead and not, it depends on if I am trying to use my stash or buying new fabrics for the quilt I am doing.
Candace said…
You have a beautiful blog, and such pretty projects. Thank you for visiting mine, and entering my giveaway.
Carole said…
Hi Suzie,
I'm back !! I have lots to catch up on, but it's sure nice to read a lot and get inspiration from the lovely pictures ! I love your flowers and your hibiscus, mine isn't blooming very well this year.
Congrats on all your beautiful projects, the bag/pincushion/needle holder is just great !
Anne-Mette said…
Hallo Suzie.
I have just taken a small trip in yuor blog and know, I will be back. It looks like we share a lot of hobbies :-). The little bag with the stitchery is so pretty and the needlecase is great.
Wish you a nice day.
Cheryl said…
So nice to find your blog!!! I have you entered in the giveaway. Love all your goodies..the pincushion and needle case are so cute. So many ideas in this post and beautiful pictures.
Ulla said…
Your Snoopy quilt looks great, and I love your small projects! Thank you for the link to the needlebook tutorial, I may need it.
I don't make real plans for my quilts and therefore I buy the backing material when I know how big the top ended up.
Laila L S said…
I really like needle case from Australian Homespun. I would like to get my hands on that magazine.... Please tell me which one it is from. I think I`ll make one for my self, and maybe for some of my friends for christmas. Hope they don`t read this.. lol.

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