No quilting...But what a beautiful day!

Yesterday we just heard there would be a quilt event outdoors. We all crossed ours fingers for a real good weather like they forecasted and it was great! It was sunny, just perfect to hang the quilts outside!
We took the train and there we went to Hannover!
These are some of the pictures:

I like the colours of this wall hanging:

So many baby blocks!

I love this one, blues and greens:

The little log cabins were lovely:

A lot of batics:

Also one of my favorites:

More blues and greens:

I like these houses, too:

More blues! ( whatelse?!)

After walking, admiring, talking to so many kind quilters and taking a lot of pictures, we started our way back home.
Instead of a Bratwurst, we had some delicious ice cream!

We stopped to listen to them, it was quite nice!

They also had good music:

We had no idea why some people were wearing these clothes, but they sure got a lot of attention!

Some more fine dressed people:

Time to go home!
No quilting at all for me, but I really enjoyed this day!
I'm so glad my friend decided to come along! She and I had a nice time!

Until next time!
Have a lovely week!


nicolette said…
Wow Suzie, thanks for sharing. Great to see all the quilts hanging outside in lovely sunny wheather!! Its this a yearly event in Hannover?

I totally love the blue/brown squares quilt!
Annemariesquilt said…
What a nice day you have had together with your friend!! Lots of lovely pictures..
Stay happy!!
Lovely quilts hanging outside:-)
Have a great and creative week:-))
Catherine said…
Looks like you had a lovely day!! So many gorgeous quilts!! Love the red and black period dress on the lady...beautiful!! Cathyxx
Annie said…
Thanks for that lovely quilt show. Lots of lovely quilts.
eileen said…
What a fun day! Love love love all the quilts. Especially the baby blocks.. that big one is very interesting. I like how they hung in the trees and on lines and such.
Ice cream sounds like a good snack too.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing a beautiful day out. I love the balance of colours in the 5th picture left quilt. Oh and the gate ones were beautiful.

Perhaps there is a historical play on which is why the people were dressed like that? One afternoon people wandered past in night clothes and quite frankly I worried, then more came past carrying leaflets. I had wondered about calling the police as the initial people were elderly looking. LOL

Well done for quilting too! I am still working up the courage to try proper quilting on a machine.
Blakely said…
This looks like such a fun day, and you had such great weather.
Messy Karen said…
the rod iron gate panels were fantastic. & both of the blue/green ones were so nice. a fun way to spend the day.

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