My bag for the swap

I think it is not a problem to show what I made for Linda's Bag Swap, my partner has no idea it is for her, right?! It has been there on the table in my living room for days and so I decided to take some pictures of it and post them.
I had a lot of fun makinf the bag and the other little sewing companions.

Here is the front of the bag:

And here you can see the back:

A little needle book:

And the wrist pincushion:

I really hope my partner will like it, I visited her blog to find out what kind of colour combinations she likes and when I found these fabrics I thought they would be just fine.
In a couple of weeks I'll read about her reation! I t is not easy to wait!!!

I got the last Marie Claire today!
As usual, a lot of nice and interesting things.

It is time to get ready for Autumn!
Some nice ideas for decoration:

The idea is a funny one, but I think my DH would not agree with it! All the nails?! No way!
But I like the tree!

I sure want a new coat, but which one?! Number 8?

From this selection I would like to have the scarf!

With this magazine and the weather outside it feels like Fall is just around the corner!
So, I'll make myself a cup of tea!

Have a lovely week!


May Britt said…
Oh...the bag is sooooooooo cute. Hope it is for me!!!!!
nicolette said…
Love the bag Suzie!! And the extra’s are sooo cute!
I’ll have to visit my bookstore tomorrow for the new Marie Claire!

Tonight I told my husband it’s OK with me if Autumn starts. The Summerfeeling disappeared completely!
Annemariesquilt said…
Wow what beautiful bag with lovely accesories. Your swap partner are a very lucky girl...
Take care Suzie!
Carole said…
Waow, the bag and accessories are really NEAT ! How is the pincushion attached to the wrist ? I've been working on a blue babyquilt and I think I might just use the scraps and leftovers the way you did... thanks for the inspiration, if somebody could give me TIME as well ??...
Fiesta said…
I hope that bag is coming my way. It is beautiful. can you share the pattern name?
Gina said…
I love the bag and accessories.

Love and hugs Gina xxx
Ulla said…
Lovely little bag and accessories! I love the autumn and the kind of clothes I can wear when the weather gets cool.
Gosh the bag and the accesseries is lovely :-)
Have a nice and creative week
Quilting Hugs
Marica said…
I just love your bag and I think the girl who got this one will bee a very lucky girl :))

Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie, that bag is wonderful! All those little co ordinating pieces too. Well done I'm sure your partner will love them.
I loved coat 9 as it has an unusual shape.

I do love the things you make Suzie.
Lovise said…
Ii have been visiting your blog, and I have had a great time.
You make wonderful things, and you are good at baking as well!
Have a nice day.
Messy Karen said…
what a lovely job you did on the bag etc.
Christine said…
Lovely bag, Suzie. Your swap partner will be thrilled.

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