A good recipe

Anne Marie was so kind to share her recipe in her blog and I just had to try it.
And I love it!!!
The smell of cardamon was wonderful! They really taste good and this is already one of my favorite recipes!
Takk, Anne Marie!!

All set to enjoy our tea for two!

Last weekend when I did a bit of gardening, I also bought some new flowers.
It seems they are feeling fine in our garden and that makes me happy.

This is probably one of the last roses, I like its smell so much, I'll be glad to see them next year again. Farewell, dear roses.

Today I got the batting and threads for DS2 Snoopy quilt and I hope the backing is coming next week. Then, I will quilt until I wilt!

"When I'm a grown up woman
with my hair upon my head
I will quilt and sew till very late
and never go to bed"

Have a lovely weekend!


Guðrún said…
The rose is beautiful.
Annemariesquilt said…
Hi Suzie ..
I am so glad you liked the recipe..
It has been my favorite for about 25 years. Learned about thrue a girl at school. Take care and I hope you are feeling a bit better.
The confirmation is next weekend so i have another week to worry, yes but it is going to be great. I have some very nice helpers........
Carole said…
Oh, these buns look SO good ! They make me feel like stepping in my kitchen right away !!!
And the rose is beautiful. One of my bushes has buds again, I hope we'll get enough good weather so that they'll bloom !
Catherine said…
The rose is divine!!! I love your little verse at the end of your post...I go to bed, just get up really early...and sew!! Cathyxx

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