What a lovely surprise!

When I asked Laila about a little bag she made, I never thought she would send me one as a present!
It was such a lovely surprise to find a big envelope from Norway!
And there were even more pretty things, she also sent me precut fabrics and all what I need to make two other bags!!! A unique timble , a napkin with norwegian moose, a photo printed on fabric, and a lovely card. It made me so happy! What a surprise!
I just love everything, Laila!

Who would not be happy with these lovely gifts?

Now it is time to take a break from blogging...
My sons have summer vacation from school and we want to enjoy it.

In August I'll come back to my blog again ! ;o)))

Until there, I wish each of you a wonderful summer!
With lots of sunshine and busy hands!


nicolette said…
That’s a lovely surprise to find in the mail!! Enjoy your vacation, we will wait for you to come back with lots of quilty stuff and stories to tell!
Anonymous said…
Hope you are having a lovely hols

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