New fabrics, another catalog and new ideas!

Last Saturday I visited a quilt shop, I wanted to see what new goodies came in. There were so many beautiful fabrics, new books, buttons!....
After going by and taking it in my hands more than a couple of times, I just had to buy this pretty FQ selection!

I know, it is blue again!... But not only blue, the reds are pretty, too and I love this combination!
I have no idea what I will sew with them, but the idea will be coming soon!

Then I got this great catalog. I can look for hours and dream of all the wonderful fabrics and wonderful quilts I could make....What an eye-candy!

And they have a lot of patterns, too!
I found this one quite interesting. ...And it starts "itching"!!! I'd love to go and look for fabrics in my stash and ....yes, I'd love to start sewing another one!!! It is crazy, I know...But that is the addiction!
I'm so glad you know what I'm talking about, we feel the same, don't we?!

This here is also a fun one, a lot of scraps:

But the challenge is calling me!
During the weekend I did not make as much progress as I wanted to...
Today is the first of July, which means I still have time, but I also have some other projects that I must finish!
So, these are the tasks for this week:

1. get at least two rolls done (1 roll = 3 sections)

2. get the rolls sewn together

3. show it all in my blog!

Unfortunately I don't have too much time today, but every single minute counts!
Time to get my b... in gear!
See you soon!
Have a lovely and creative week!


Bloom said…
Hi Suzie! Just in case that 'itch' to start a new quilt needs 'scratching', the pattern for the diamond quilt is downloadable for free here:
Nothing like feeding an addiction! Happy stitching.
Lovely catalong and fabric:-)
Have a nice and creativ week
nicolette said…
Totally love the fabric stash!! Yummy colours. I’ve the same catalogue. Was added to batting I purchased at Hancocks...
I have too many projects going on, but always feel like starting a new one!
Happy sewing!
Herzblatt said…
Hi Suzie,
the fabrics are really fantastic.....I am looking forward to seeing what you are doing with it.....and your quilt....absolutely great....!!!
May I link your blog ? You show your projects so detailed, very nice!!
best wishes
mereth said…
Your quilting is lovely and the blue and white colour scheme is so fresh and pretty. I'll be interested to see more of this joined together, keep posting updates.
You definitely need to have lots of projects on the go at once, you never get bored then!
Anne Ida said…
Mmmm, yummy fabrics! No wonder you couldn't resist that bundle!!

The diamond quilt is great, I look forward to seeing your version of it :o)
Anonymous said…
Hia Suzie, love that colourful quilt pic. I'm on here at the mo instead of feeling the fear and doing it anyway with the next stage of the Autumnal quilt I'm doing for the challenge.

I think it was Oscar Wilde who said "I can resist everything except temptation". Fabric has got to be a temptation! What a lovely selection you chose.
quiltingnana said…
act on the urge ...I've ordered from that catalog many times. Sometimes I do get back ordered on popular fabrics but I've always been satisfied with what I got!

Your quilting is lovely and I enjoy your blog
Ulla said…
Your quilting looks so good that I really must choose a pattern where I can try something else than my usual in the ditch! My first free machine quilting was such a disaster that I have given up.
Catherine said…
Hi Suzie, Love love the fabric! Is it Prairie Paisley?? If it is Im in love with it too! And dont you just love Hancock catalogues! I can read them for hours, so much dreaming!! Cathyxx
trelly said…
Hi Suzie! I love your fabrics! I like very much blue, red and rose...
Annemariesquilt said…
Hi I love your new fabrics, they are so beautiful.And you have great progress on your challenge too. I have been on 1 week vacation at my mother and yes she treated my very nice.
I hope you are all well and enjoing the summer, it is not here for long you know!

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