New bread recipe

After reading about this book in some blogs, I decided to get it and try the revolutionary recipe.
It was interesting to read about so many things I never thought of . I learned how to bake bread with my mom and my granny (she was Italian) and all that matters was the way they taught me (all the chemistry process....what does that mean?!!).

Anyways,I had fun reading the book, and there are a lot of recipes, I'll try them one at a time.

The bread was delicious! With a crispy crust and a wonderful smell, it was gone in minutes!

What about quilting?
I am finishing the last sections!
Two more and then I can set them together.

I wish each of you a lovely and creative week!


Annemariesquilt said…
This bread looks realy yummi and I would love to have a little bit!!
Take care Suzie I am taking a little blogg Timeout, but I will soon be back.....
HobbyMommy said…
We are so hooked on this bread and love love love how easy it is!! We are going to try the wheat bread next! Quilting? What's that? I haven't sewn in weeks!!
Anne Ida said…
Ohh, that looks sooo good!!! I can see why it was gone quickly!
Anonymous said…
What lovely looking bread. I'm sure there are barns propped up with my efforts! LOL Hubby has a breadmaker so I let him make it. I too love the smell of bread baking.

Well done with your quilt-I'm just on the quilting bit with the Autumn one and then bind it. Maybe I'll finish it tomorrow? I hope so- so much to do.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful pics, best wishes,

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