Stitching and smelling the roses

This lovely little mouse is something I saw in one old edition of an australian magazine (Country Threads) and it was on my "have to do" list.

A cute fabric with lots of tiny mice (that I bought a long time ago) was the perfect match for a little pillow! And I just love the funny saying!
And, of course, who doesn't like apple pie?! Have you ever tried with cheese?

A gathering of little mice to complete the scene:

A crocheted one:

This one is made from felt, sweet little ears!

A very curious trio:

And a tiny one as a pincushion for your finger:

AnnaKa is from Norway and she has so many nice patterns, I really like her pouches and table runners. After reading this patterns more than a couple of times and "studying" the pictures, I finally sewed this pouch, but I didn't do any appliquè, I'll save that for the next one.

The seasons go by so fast and one really has to take time to smell the roses and enjoy the flowers while they are blooming and looking so gorgeous! Who knows how summer will be this year! Last year we had so much rain, the poor hydrangea had no chance, only the dandelions felt they could take place everywhere!!
So, before the roses get a bit spoiled in the garden, I brought these ones to the living room, they smell very nice and also very intense, this sort is called Abraham D'Arby:

These ones are the rambler roses, they always look so tender, so fragile, but that is what they are indeed, they don't usually last longer than a couple of days, but one doesn't notice that because they flourish constantly. But you can see the huge amount of petals on the ground!

Here is Abraham D'Arby again:

The yellow roses couldn't be missing, this beatiful colour gives a feeling of joy:

And also this wonderful, bright rhododendron brings colour and joy to the garden.

I must confess that I don't do a lot of gardening, I let the garden grow a little bit "wild" ( the call from the sewing machine is always louder!!!), but I am really glad I have one!

Do to the very warm weather I couldn't baste the Wind Mill quilt, I just didn't feel like sweating over it while basting! But there are a lot of other projects on the go, so the hands are always busy and happy, too!
I'm now working on some bags and pouches, I bought some japanese fabric and I wanted to use them. The japanese books are so full of funny ideas and also practical bags, I really admire the creativity they have!

Sew busy and " bee" happy!
See you!


nicolette said…
Thanks for so many wonderful roses!! Love your mice.. Maukie the virtual cat is looking like he would love a bite!
Annaka, I love her patterns, never bought one though. Love the bag you made!
Anne Ida said…
Your mouse stitchery cushion is adorable!! And what a great idea to use a mouse print fabric :o) And what a cute display of mice *lol*

Hmmm... apple pie with cheese? Nope never tried it :o) Is it good??

Your "Ann's make-up bag" looks great! I have made a few of them as well, and it really is a fun pattern! If there are any strange norwegian phrases in the patterns you don't understand drop me a line and I'll se if I can translate:o)

Gorgeous roses! Love roses!!!
Have a lovely weekend!
Annemariesquilt said…
Hello Suzie. Your blog are filled with summer and yes it is very important for us in the north of europe to sees the the day when the summer finally has decided to visit us.
Your pouch is just great and yes I am a Annaka fan to!!
Carole said…
Oh everything is so gorgeous !!! I love your cushion and all your mice, especially the pincushion ! As for your roses... Waow ! Mine are still in their prime and I have to wait a few years till the bushes develop and grow. And when one of them gets the chance to bloom it gets blown away by the wind that is very strong this year - we're having an awful month of June, rainy and at 12°C all day, we took the winter pullovers out again, how sad is this ???
Lovely mouse:-)
I have been on two Annaka course, she is a fantastic woman.
Your rose is gorgeous
Have a nice and creative week:-))

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