Showing some progress

It was nice to read all the positive comments and questions!
Thanks for the eMails, too!

I'll try to answer some questions.
The book where I got the quilting pattern is this one:

It is a very good one, I always look for some ideas.
She shows a lot of different patterns and possibilities and you can always enlarge or reduce to fit your block:

The paper for the pattern should be really thin, I was lucky to find this here, it is used in offices:

But you can also use this other kind of paper, it is easier to find, you just have to cut it to the size you need.
What is really important when you trace the pattern is that you use a hard lead pencil, I use 2H from Faber Castell. The "soft" ones will get through the paper and you will have it in the fabric, which is not good at all!

After quilting two sections I wanted to see how I should sew them together.
I trimmed the sections, but just to be sure I left a little bit more of fabric in one of them, because there is where you press under 1/4" so you can stitch to secure this folded edge to the backing.

Then, with right sides together, pull the backing fabric away from the batting and pin the five layers together:

Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew the five pinned layers together.

To avoid bulk you may also trim the batting out of the seam allowance, I did it pretty close! You can not see it here because i did after I took the picture.

Pin and hand stitch, using the visible line as your guide and your anchor:

That is how it turned out:

And here is the back:

It seems to work!

I hope I was able to show you how I am getting foward with this method.
To me it is really "learning by doing", but I'm having fun!

Happy quilting everyone!


Inger said…
This became very nice, and it looks very easy. I tink I also have to try this. But it will be in the autumn. Have a nice summer.
Kristie said…
Your quilt is turning out very nice. I have never worked with the quilt as you go method. You make it look very easy! This is something that I think I will try sometime soon.
Gina said…
Thank you for posting that. I've been thinking of doing a Quilt as You Go for a while and this was a great tutorial on it.
Thanks for showing the book as well. I'll be on the look out for it.
Love and hugs xxx
Annemariesquilt said…
Very interesting way to quilt bigger quilts, and I might by able to try this way myself because I have bought the book. I might have mentioned this in my mail!
Take care..
Anne Ida said…
Thank you so much for the update on this project! keep 'em coming, please! This looks sooo great!!! And you make the technique look easy :o) Happy quilting!
Ulla said…
Your tutorial beats the ones I have seen and now it all makes sense! The next time I make a quilt with straight block lines I will probably try this method. And I ought to take the next step with my quilting, I've only done in the ditch or diagonal lines so far by machine.
Thank you sor showing this!
Anonymous said…
Oh wow! I'm out of action for the week and you have done so much. It looks wonderful. Thank you also for showing us how to do it as well. I didn't realise that there were books out there with quilting designs. Wow! This whole patchwork world is getting bigger and bigger and the more I learn the more ignorant I know I am.
Messy Karen said…
it's all so beautiful. the pattern. the blues. the quilting. and the fantastic backing crashing wave fabric.
Lappestua said…
Lovely quilting!!!
Ribbonwiz said…
Your quilting looks grest, I have trouble keeping the stitches even, thank you for this tutorial.
I am doing my Dear Jane in QAYG
Tine said…
Oh that is very very clever!! I may give that a try.... Your machine-quilting is perfect! Absolutely flawless!

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